Xiaomi Announces Upcoming Phone In 2020 Mi Mix Alpha with Innovative Surround Screen display

Xiaomi Announces Upcoming Phone In 2020 Mi Mix Alpha with Innovative Surround Screen display

Xiaomi has announced the Best Surround Screen Phone In 2020 smartphone concept for Mi Mix Series that will include an innovative screen that almost wraps around the phone. Xiaomi started the revolution of full-screen smartphones, and it has become a trend now.

Mi Mix innovation began in 2016 when they launched the industry’s first Full-Screen display smartphone, and it was the first company which introduced a smartphone with more than 16:9 aspect ratio. But with the new MI Latest Phone 2020, the technology leader will take the smartphone to a new high level.

Remarkable Features

New Mi Mix Alpha completely wraps around the screen, and the display is on the front, sides, and back also. The screen-to-body ratio of Xiaomi Latest Phone in 2020 is expected to be 180.6% or more, giving astonishing appeal. You just need to turn the phone, and you can start using it from the same side either front or back. However, the whole screen would not always be turned on every time.

The battery charge level and network signal icons are displayed on the side of Mi Mix Alpha, and the volume buttons are also included on the side that is pressure sensitive. MI Latest Phone 2020 will use the combined technology camera sensor by Samsung and Xiaomi that features a 108-megapixel camera.

To take better pictures in low light, the phone will combine 2*2 squares pixels that can produce 27-megapixel images. The new smartphone has a 1/1.33-inch sensor that is pretty efficient to give a lot of light-gathering ability to MI Mix Alpha.

With the innovation, there is no need for a selfie camera as you can just turn the phone around and use a rear position of the Best Surround Screen Phone In 2020  to take the same 108-megapixel selfies.


Mi Mix Alpha will have Qualcomm Snapdragon 855+ processor. It will be able for 5G connectivity. The memory feature of Mi Mix Alpha includes 12GB of RAM with 512 GB storage. Mi Mix Alpha has 40W wired charging for fast charge. It also includes a 4,050 mAh battery for longer use.

Xiaomi Latest Phone In 2020

As Mi Mix original was also released in a few quantities before Mi Mix 2 as a trending sale. Similarly, Mi Alpha is not going to start mass production soon as declared by Xiaomi on 24th September. Small scale production of Mi Mix Alpha will begin now, and sales would be from December costing RMB 19,999.

Although the design will be a little costly as compared to the current Mi phones and Mi Mix Alpha is prone to accidental touch recognition. And another issue seems to be the battery life as it would be surround screen it is likely to see how much backup the battery life will give.

But Mi Mix Alpha has a supreme and tremendous look and features with a wrap-around screen as a unique innovation that would soon become the new trend of smartphones in 2020.

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