Why own an Aquasana 3-Stage Under Sink Water Filter System?

Why own an Aquasana 3-Stage Under Sink Water Filter System?

Aquasana 3-stage Water Filter System is a smart under sink filter that connects up to your mobile via Bluetooth, permitting you to control the number of gallons that have been cleaned. It also grants you a filter replacement warning making it highly effective while using. Most of the contaminants can be removed from your drinking water that consists of chlorine, pesticides, and the presence of other heavy metals. The filter replacement will hardly take up just a few minutes to deliver quick performance.

It is also approved to reduce 97.66% of chlorine and chloramine to improve your normal bore-well water’s taste and odor. Excellent filtration performance is also more powerful that filters out sand, residue, and rust. This gives the other filters to clean out the other contaminants, which increases overall performance and stops them from jamming too immediately.

A conventional activated carbon filter eliminates chlorine’s flavor and odor while killing herbicides, pesticides, and other unadulterated elements present in your tap water.

Also, an extra powerful carbon filter lessens chloramine content. The AQ-5300+ filter does not eliminate complete dissolved solids, mainly the minerals and salts dissolved in water. The healthy minerals can be retained in water without preventing the hardness of the water. Cysts can be filtered nicely and are the only microbes that can be cleaned using this under the sink-water filter.

Once you connect your phone to the system via Bluetooth and install the free app, a track on the number of tonnes of water filtered can be viewed and get a prompt to get a new cartridge at a suitable time notified. However, the application’s drawback is supported only to ios users even when the filter comes with everything you want to install it in your kitchen.




  • The 5300+ uses a 3-stage filtration system to reduce the chloramine content, which is impossible in the other common under sink water filters.
  • One of the benefits of applying this water filter is that its twist-off design intended to turn it off and wrap the new one after replacing the filter in six months.
  • The application will also determine how much money you have saved by turning from bottled water to cleaned water using this exclusive filter.


  • Replacement reminders via Bluetooth.
  • 3-stage filtration with a good faucet.
  • Kills both chlorine and chloramine contents.
  • Easy fitting.
  • Three finish choices.
  • Cost-Efficient.


  • Not suitable for well-water.
  • Ineffective against any bacteria and viruses.
  • Application is supported only for IOS users.


Is the Aquasana 3-stage under sink-water filter easy to install?


The included fittings work fine with most types of plumbing, and you might require to buy an adaptor to make it fit with Aquasana’s fittings, mainly for non-standard plumbing. The guided instructions are very clear that makes it easy for every user when it comes to the installation of the device. Even some issue persists while fitting, the customer support team can be contacted, and they will surely reach you out to help. It is advisable to connect the filter only to the frozen water line as in many cases, carbon filters and warm water don’t work mutually and can damage your filters.


How should the filter be maintained?


It is suggested to change the filters every 6 months with no maintenance needed other than hardly washing down the surface with a wet cloth to keep it look new and fresh. No need to remember the date about when to change the filter, but the phone connected to the filter will give you an alert with the notification system telling you the time to change. However, red flashing light from the bottom can also be noticed as an indication to change your filter cartridges. The batteries should also be replaced while fitting in new filters that come included along with cartridges.

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