Tips To Increase Your Google Search Engine Ranking

Tips To Increase Your Google Search Engine Ranking

A ‘google’ search is not a strange thing. We all have used google to search for something and we still continue to do so. It has become quite a common thing that even a term for it was coined. And that’s how the word ‘googling’ came into being. And for those of us who have searched various things on google, our experience is that even for a small and basic thing, thousands of search results come up.

While this is potentially good to us, since it helps to expand our knowledge and make us better equipped on how things work, this is bad news to many websites and blogs. Particularly because they find it difficult to level up their search results to the top results, despite numerous efforts to do so.

Let’s explore the tips you can use to get a higher ranking on Google. We all have heard about SEO or Search Engine Optimization, and yes, it is the most important thing if you want to push your ranking. In today’s digital age, good SEO is mandatory for any blog or website to run successfully.

So what exactly is SEO? It’s simply the process by which the visibility of a website is increased on a search engine, by increasing web traffic. You can do this by making changes to your website. For example, including more quality content or making your website look attractive are simple ways of improving SEO.

There are two types of SEO – On-page SEO and Off-Page SEO.

On-page SEO

In On-page SEO, the target is on optimizing individual pages to increase the web traffic on them. The easiest way is to use keywords and phrases. This refers to adding relevant and important keywords relating to your website and repeatedly using them a few times. This will make sure that your page has got quite a boost and will definitely improve your rankings. These keywords should also relate to what readers or customers are most likely to type while searching for a specific topic. The Google Keyword Planner Tool is an excellent tool that will help you to choose the right keywords.

The quality of content provided on the website or blog also plays a significant role in leveling up your search engine rankings. The information provided should be eye-catching so that people will actually feel like reading it. It should be in a proper structure and also required that the content is reliable, up-to-date, and complete.

Optimizing your website with quality images is also a great way to improve the rankings and exposure your website has. Longer content with impeccable writing and grammar is also important. Lengthy blogs/articles tend to do well in search results so you can aim for at least a minimum of 800-1000 words. Internal linking is also a good technique that you can try by providing 2-3 links of previous or related articles.

Links and meta-descriptions are another great way of increasing the traffic to your page. An outbound link will help google recognize that whatever article is there on your website is of good content and that it’s actually genuine. A short but informative meta-description also goes a long way to improve your rankings since viewers are likely to click on them if it arouses their curiosity or contains something of significant interest.

A website that is fast and doesn’t crash every other time will definitely make users come back. So make sure that your website isn’t slow as it will drive people away. Optimizing your website for viewing on mobile phones is also important since more than half of the population depends on their smartphones for just about anything.

So when they’re likely to get a search result at the tip of their fingertips, the chances are that they wouldn’t go through the task of searching things on their laptop itself. This is why mobile view optimization is integral.

Off-page SEO

Off-page SEO refers to the external things that you can do and which go beyond only the inner workings of a website. This is done by creating more backlinks and fixing an existing link that is broken. Backlinks, when coming from popular pages or sites, helps to increase the authenticity of your website.

Voice technologies and voice assistants like Apple’s Siri, Amazon’s Alexa, and the Google Assistant have entirely changed the world in many ways. Optimizing your website for voice search is, therefore, a key strategy that you can develop to improve your search rankings.

Local search optimization can also be used to the best of technology with more searches being focused ‘around objects or things near me.’

And finally, with the increasing role of social media usage, it’s best to exploit it’s advantages to the maximum to increase your search engine rankings. A successful marketing campaign on social media will ensure that people know about your website. Social media also plays a great role in Digital Marketing.

With all of these things checked and done, pushing your search result to the top of the page wouldn’t be a task.

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