Terms and Conditions

By accessing our site, you, therefore, agree to the terms and conditions owned and operated by Cubic24. Please read the terms and conditions given below to understand our working perspective. In case any point is offensive, you may reach out to us.

Privacy Policy

We post articles on various categories on a regular basis. Thus, we collect emails as part of a subscription with which users get notifications whenever new articles get published on the website. We do not reveal or sell the data to third parties. We track user activities to improve the UI experience through Google analytics and third-party software.

Computer stores website Cache for faster loading of the site, if the user opens it again. Users can look into settings of browser and can disable caches if needed. Please visit our privacy policy section for detailed information.

Accuracy of Information

We are providing latest information through articles. We do not hold the responsibility for the availability or accuracy of the information. It is because the owners may change the details at any point of time. It is merely impossible to look after and update the information whenever it changes.

Hence, follow the updates and act accordingly. We at Cubic24 publish articles on topics only after they are published live. We do not rely on false news and verify before writing articles.

Content Permissions

The logos, pictures, videos, and content are our property. Using our property for either personal or commercial use is strictly prohibited. Committing plagiarism is terrible and once found, people will face legal issues. We do not allow or grant permission to use our property. We hope that users will act accordingly and upon failure, have to face the legal problems.

Direct usage or modification of our property is also illegal. People who commit these crimes will have to face legal liabilities.

Subscription Removal

As said above, emails are collected as a part of the subscription. Users will get all the updates and notifications from Cubic24. However, we have all rights to remove user subscription. This will happen if users send meaningless messages to our mail.

Users can opt out anytime from our service by clicking unsubscribe located at the bottom of our email alerts. Once unsubscribed, you will not receive updates and if you wish to reactivate again then kindly visit the site and subscribe with e-mail.

Changes To Our Policy

We hold the rights to change our terms and conditions at any point of time. SEO rules must be followed to be visible in search results. Website designs will be updated to ease up user interaction further. Google brings new regulations which had to be followed. Considering all of them, we might change the terms and conditions for our website accordingly and will update the same here.

We must inform all the respective users regarding the terms and conditions because we want to have and maintain a good relationship with you. To keep yourself updated with the changes, check our site on a regular basis.

Contact Us

If you want more information regarding terms and conditions, contact Updates@cubic24.com for further details. Not only for this, for any query on website or content, you can contact us, and we will get back to you in a few hours.