Playing PUBG Mobile on Chromebook with Mouse and Keyboard

Playing PUBG Mobile on Chromebook with Mouse and Keyboard

Chromebook is a device that is running on Chrome OS, which is owned by Google. This OS is developed based on Linux. People find Chromebooks useful due to their unique benefits like light-weight, compact, and also transportation is easier.

As people are moving towards using more cloud-based applications, the use of Chromebooks is on the rise. They are now reducing the IT costs by means of moving most of their tasks via web applications.

One can thereby say that Chromebooks are popular due to their reduced computational power and reduced storage. All this makes it highly cost-efficient for any person who is fond of using web applications for their task. Numbers of productivity apps released by Google are capable of handling several computational needs.

Even if G Suite seems to be costly other browser-based alternatives are making Chromebooks popular among people.

Playing PUBG on Chromebooks with Playstore

The most obvious question comes to our mind is, with low computational power, is it possible to play PUBG on Chromebooks? Even with low computational power, you can play PUBG mobile over the platform of chrome books. The game has gained substantial popularity since player unknown’s battlegrounds initial release date.

It is possible to have a seamless game experience on Chromebooks when you play the game over low resolution. Hence you can explore the game while performing the player unknown’s battlegrounds download. You won’t have to compromise over player unknown’s battleground’s lite for your Chromebook.

It is known that the game is now released over multiple platforms, which include XBOX ONE, PS4, PC, and other devices. We will be focusing here over the android version of the game to be installed in your Chromebook.

This game application will be downloaded through the play store, which is available installed in the Chromebook. Also, you will be required to have a player unknown battleground engine in your device for playing the game.

We have discussed here steps which you should follow to install and play PUBG Mobile on your Chromebooks. These steps are mainly applicable to the newer Chromebook models. Newer models are having play store available in the Chromebook itself.

Older versions of Chromebook, which is not having play store, are likely to receive an update for the same. One can thereby wait for the latest update getting released for their device.

  1. Open play store available in your device and search for PUBG Mobile in the store. This will show you search results for apps similar to PUBG Mobile with the actual game at the top.
  2. Click on the download icon in the play store to download and install the game in your device.
  3. Once the game is installed, you can open the game with Chromebook as an emulation device.
  4. Turn the resolution of the game to low to have a smooth user interface for the game. This is required due to the low processing capabilities of the Chromebooks.
  5. Enjoy the game by docking in mouse and keyboard to the Chromebook.

Installing PUBG Mobile on Chromebook without Playstore

In case your Chromebook does not have a preloaded play store, then you would be required to follow certain steps. You can even wait as older Chromebooks are in the process of getting an update for play store in the device. This will definitely take time to get the update for your Chrome OS. So, if you don’t want to wait for the update, then you can follow the steps discussed here.

  • One thing which everybody should know is that not all chrome models are going to receive an update. Few of the models are mentioned, which will be getting the update to have play store. So, if your Chromebook is present in the list, then you will be getting the planned update in the likely future. If your Chromebook is not listed, then there is no way to force an update. To have a play store, you would have to buy a new Chromebook.
  • To receive an early update, you would just be required to follow certain steps. These steps will move your device from a stable channel to the beta channel. It will help you to get early access to several features that are likely to be released on Chrome OS. Getting a play store is one such feature that you will be receiving.
  • It is likely possible that beta updates might be having glitches, corrupted files, and more. So, back up your files before switching to the beta channel.
  • Go to the Settings icon and then on About Chrome OS, which will provide you a popup window. In the next window, click on “More info” which will be present below the tab of System Information. Here change your channel to Beta Channel and confirm changes. Now, wait for the beta channel update to download and install.
  • Restart your Chromebook after the update, and upon bootup, click on Enable Google PlayStore on the Chromebook button and confirm it.
  • Now you can follow similar steps using the play store to install and launch the PUBG Game application to play. It is likely possible that some of the Chromebooks are not compatible with the game. In those cases, you might probably see the error of “Not Compatible with your Device.”

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