Importance of Google Maps for Small Businesses

Importance of Google Maps for Small Businesses

With the help of Digital marketing, finding a service or product you want is easier. More and more businesses are trying to make their presence online. All businesses, irrespective of their size, are trying to increase their ranks higher in Google search result pages.

Nowadays, most of us use Maps for various purposes like navigation, to know about some locations, to find nearby cinema halls, Shopping malls, Restaurants, and multiple purposes. All modern smartphone comes with Map application preinstalled. So there is a large amount of user base for Map applications.

Multiple platforms provide Map services, But Google Maps is the leader when it comes to navigation and geolocation. According to the latest survey, Google maps is 6 times more popular than other navigation apps.

Google Maps is also an essential tool for digital marketing. All significant businesses use Google Maps to gain potential customers. Google Maps is replacing old paper directories into the new online directories, where you can find your desired information about any relevant topic.

If you own a small business that targets only local customers, Google Maps is an excellent platform for the growth of your business. Google Maps is widely used for navigation purposes, which means most of your new customers are probably using it.

How to Get Listed on Google Maps?

Google has a platform for business companies. It is called Google My Businesses. You can add your business to Google My Business by opening the website. Then you have to click on “Get on Google.”  Then, you will be redirected to Google Maps. You can add your business and fill the necessary details in the form. Also, enter the country name, along with company name, city or town, street address, postcode, email address, primary phone number, website URL, business description, and category. Lastly, you have to verify your business listing.

The more information you provide, the better your business will be listed on Google Maps. You can share your website URL. You can write a description of your business and its services. You should also include some keywords in the description for search engine optimization. By doing these steps, your business will be listed on Google Maps within a week.

For small businesses, it’s an excellent marketing technique. By signing up for this service, your business will automatically be marked in Google Maps. You have to give your exact location and contact number.

Google has another service called Google Places. This service has free of charge. You can register on Google Places with your current Google account. Google Places is an online directory.  All the relevant information about your business is available and can be accessed by millions of users over the internet with the help of Google Places.

If you own a small business and can’t afford a website, Google Places is the best solution for your business. Your business will be a part of Google Maps, and even if you don’t have a website, still your customers will be able to locate you online.

How to Do Search Engine Optimization for Your Business on Google Maps?

Keywords – Add some useful and relevant keywords about your business in your description on Google Places. Do not overuse keywords. otherwise, your search engine page ranking can decrease.

Use Images And Videos – Images and videos make more impression than words. Easily add up to 10 images and 5 videos on Google Places for free. This will be helpful for customers to gain more information about your business.

Different Pages for Different Branches – If you have different branches at different locations for your business, you can make separate pages for separate branches.  You have to add locations and contact numbers of your different branches. If your business has a single branch only, a single page will be enough.

Feedback – Customers can review and rate your business on Google Places. The higher the rating, the appearance of your business on search results will increase.

Advantages of Using Google Maps

Small businesses can make their online presence by showing where they are located. Whenever someone tries to access your area on Google Maps, they can see your business location. This is one of many ways you can aware people about your business.

Google Places mainly focuses on local search results. Whenever a user tries to search for your location on Google Maps, your business will be shown up in the search results.  The competition of your business will be restricted to your locality, not on the entire region.

The main benefit for small businesses from Google Maps is free digital marketing. This service is free to use. Small businesses can not afford the huge amount of money for marketing. This service makes your business marketing for local customers.

Your business will automatically show in search results whenever some search for relevant information about your business from your nearby areas will be made. In short, it’s the best way to do SEO for your business at an initial level.

This given information will allow you to understand how Google Maps works for businesses. This is the biggest opportunity for small businesses to make their online presence noticeable. This platform can increase your customers and client with the help of the internet.

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