Google Claim to Change The Computing World Through Quantum Supremacy

Google Claim to Change The Computing World Through Quantum Supremacy

Google and NASA have together demonstrated the most advanced technology in the world of computing. After the efforts of two decades, Google got success in acquiring Quantum supremacy that has the power of changing the computing world. Quantum supremacy can do the task in 200 seconds for which the supercomputers may take 1,000 years.

Google paper linked to quantum supremacy was leaked on the internet some time back. From that time, it has been in the news. Quantum supremacy google paper explains how the random number generation problem was solved by Sycamore (quantum processor) in just 200 seconds.

In Santa Barbara, the scientist and engineers from the lab have announced the milestone achievement of quantum supremacy 2019. Google claimed that Quantum supremacy could change the world of computing in an article published in ‘Nature,’ a popular scientific journal. Google said that they had got success in it after working for almost 20 years, and it can replace traditional computing with ease.

Meaning of Quantum Supremacy

Quantum computing is the study to use quantum mechanism properties to solve complex problems faster than the most advanced supercomputers. Quantum Supremacy is the capability of solving complex issues that are difficult for traditional computers. The quantum computers will not be like desktops or laptops but separate parts to be kept in a server room.

According to the Caltech particle physicist John Preskill, who invented the term ‘Quantum supremacy,’ google quantum computers are something new in exploring nature, and the systems can do the unrivaled things.

A normal computer process the information in bits 0 and 1, and supercomputers can carry many thousand Trillian operations in second. Quantum computers are different and will work on qubits or quantum bits. A qubit can include 0 and 1 together. It is a way of illustrating that the quantum processor can speak a unique and completely different language. 

IBM on Quantum Supremacy 

The claims Google has done will, of course, now be compared to supercomputers to check if it is really much faster than traditional computers or not. As we know, IBM is already far in supercomputers, and they said that it would not be the case.

 IBM said that Google had not optimized the supercomputer while running the test for the validation as their supercomputers will not take 10,000 years to complete the calculation, as Google claimed, and it can be done in just 2.5 days. IBM mentioned that quantum computers are helpful over the classic or traditional networks in terms of solving practical problems.

In a tweet by Sunder Pichai, he said that he is excited about what Quantum computing can do it the coming years as it gives a way to speak a new language that would be understood by the world and will not have only 1 and 0 but will be beautiful and intricate having limitless possibilities. Still, the value of quantum supremacy value has to be decided by enterprises if the value will exist as their investment decisions or not.

New York Times Report on Quantum Supremacy

The computer scientist from the University of Texas said that when Wright Brothers invented the plane in 1903, it was not useful but was designed to provide the point, and it did that. Similarly, the Quantum Supremacy may not be useful at this time, but it can change the computing methods in the coming future. This method will be completely different from traditional computing, and it will replace the 0 and 1 that are used in traditional computing methods.

Applications of Quantum Supremacy

Quantum supremacy is theoretical for now and is debatable also, but it gives us the confidence to trust in the future capabilities of quantum supremacy. Google said that they had put a lot of effort into about two decades to achieve this milestone, and now they have been succeeded. The applications are expected to be like the chemists explaining the results of building a big molecule.

Quantum supremacy in the future is expected to have real-world applications such as new energy sources, new materials, and solar power collection methods, new pharmaceutical development. There is a long way to reach that milestone, but these are some of the potential applications of google quantum supremacy.

Apart from the claims of Google after the contest, there is no proof that quantum computers can do better and faster than traditional computers and needs more research. As per Google since 1980, experts were working on it and have got the desired results now. Quantum supremacy gives the confidence and ability to the scientists to check beyond the limits of control mechanisms and processing power capability that supercomputers are not able to do.

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