Finally, A Smartphone With Blockchain Technology Has Arrived From SIRIN LABS

Finally, A Smartphone With Blockchain Technology Has Arrived From SIRIN LABS

Blockchain technology is everywhere. SIRIN LABS has introduced it to smartphones and named it as FINNEY.

Blockchain technology is everywhere. SIRIN LABS has introduced it to smartphones and named it as FINNEY. The specifications and blockchain features will be discussed in the article. We do a lot of things with our mobiles, but it lacks the ability of security. FINNEY is a blockchain based smartphone and is the most secure mobile you will ever find.  

SIRIN LABS is the first to bring blockchain technology into our regular gadgets. Currently, smartphone and PC are the two products available to buy with it. Mobiles are termed as FINNEY smartphones. This is not the first project they have done on these gadgets. Solaris was the first smartphone developed by SIRIN LABS and was a huge success.  

Multiple factors attribute into FINNEY to make it a blockchain based smartphone. Block Chain features include Cold Crypto wallet, P2P sharing, Three-factor authentication, Physical security switch, IPS and many more.   

Users can use FINNEY just like any other smartphones but will get the benefits of blockchain technology and are more secured comparatively. The specifications and features of FINNEY smartphone are as follows.

Specifications, In A Nutshell:

  1. OS: Android v8.1
  2. Display: 6 inch
  3. Rear Camera: 12 MP
  4. Front Camera: 8 MP
  5. Storage: 128 GB
  6. Expandable storage: SD memory card slot expandable up to 2 TB
  7. Processor: Qualcomm Snapdragon 845
  8. RAM: 6 GB
  9. Battery: 3280mAh capacity

Specifications In Detail:

FINNEY smartphone comes with a 6-inch display with an aspect ratio os 18:9. It is big and wide enough for handling, yet it looks stylish. 12 MP rear Camera takes clear pictures and has given decent output in low light conditions. 8 MP selfie camera is optimized to take high-quality selfies in all lighting conditions.

By default, 128 GB of storage is provided in a smartphone. You can even extend the storage up to 2 TB with memory card slot. That is a lot of storage memory allocated by any smartphone till now.

Powerful Qualcomm Snapdragon 845 processor allows the users for multi-tasking and gaming without any trouble. There is no chance of phone getting stuck or hang during usage. Adding to the processor, it comes with an inbuilt 6 GB RAM.

A powerful processor and 6 GB of RAM, what is the result? Faster response, less heating and ease of playing games are some of the advantages. It uses android latest version embedded with blockchain features. 3280mAh battery is provided which charges to maximum percent in around 2 hours. Battery backup is expected to last around 1-day. But if WIFI or mobile data is used along with heavy usage of the phone, backup time may decrease based on the work users do.  

Blockchain Technology In FINNEY:

What makes this smartphone special and unique from other smartphones? It is its integration with blockchain technology. FINNEY is the first ever mobile to come into the market with blockchain features.

Distributed ledger consensus mechanism in this phone creates a blockchain network that is independent. This specific feature enables fast payments between peers without extra fees. Crypto wallet is another excellent feature.

It is actually cold storage crypto wallet. FINNEY consists of a toggle switch, and when toggled, it turns off all unencrypted communications. Thus crypto wallet will be offline due to this mechanism. This wallet will support for most of the significant tokens and cryptocurrencies.  

P2P (peer to peer) resource sharing is another feature with utmost security. Most of the people using smartphones are aware of 2-factor authentication as Google uses it for signing in. FINNEY smartphone has the 3-factor authentication which is way more superior and secure. This consists of behavioral, Biometric and Lock pattern for authentication.  

Intrusion detection system (IPS), Physical toggle switch for crypto wallet, 3-factor authentication, tamper-proof are some of the blockchain features and comes under SIRIN LABS Cyber Protection Suite.


As most of the companies are creating their own tokens, SIRIN LABS also created their token and named it SRN. Users can even pre-order with SRN tokens and avail 10% discount. At present, 50 SRN is the down payment amount. Mobile is not released yet, and after release, based on the market price, the balance will be calculated and notified.


For the smartphone lovers, FINNEY is a step into future and is worth to buy. Crypto wallet will be in your hands all the time, safe and secured. They are keen on developing user-friendly UI to eliminate the complexity involved using cryptocurrencies and trading. Specifications are tempting, and blockchain features are exciting.

As it is the first ever blockchain based smartphone, pre-ordering the mobile will make sure you get your FINNEY smartphone at the right time.