Facebook Alerts On Instagram To Never Miss Updates

Facebook Alerts On Instagram To Never Miss Updates

Facebook tests alert on Instagram users. Without opening FB, users will now be able to know about friends activities.


Instagram and Whatsapp belong to Facebook. While whatsapp has no ads, Instagram is a steady source of income to FB. Just like the Facebook, ADs will be displayed in between the stories. FB users are reducing at an alarming level. Possible reasons include competitor apps like snapchat and many others. Even though they are getting loads of income through FB and Instagram, they aim to bring back users to use FB.

Facebook tests alert on Instagram users. Without opening FB, users will now be able to know about friends activities. This feature is on trial runs and is not live. People raise mixed opinions as some oppose the idea while some people like the idea of Facebook alerts on Instagram. 

What do you think about the possible solutions or work around in terms of regaining users? It is apparently from Instagram. Whatsapp has no ads and introducing ads, or similar features may disturb the user behavior towards the app. How FB plan to get users? What are the outcomes? Are people going to like new changes in Instagram? Read on to find out the answers.

Some facts:

We have to accept the fact that Facebook is the social media giant. It owns Whatsapp and Instagram. Whatsapp is a cross-platform messaging application with which users can text, share media in individual and group chats. Instagram started off as a photo sharing application and released exclusively for IOS, but later on, it transformed as a photo and video sharing social networking application.

A user base of Facebook has dropped down during the years. It was good initially as people were meeting with friends, strangers and slowly they integrated voice, video calling, news feed, etc. But with the introduction of new apps like whatsapp, users started using them. Facebook is adding new features at regular intervals, but users began to lose interest.

The photo-sharing app is famous for its photo filters. Facebook bought Instagram for a price of $1 billion in the year 2012.

Considering the situation, they bought whatsapp for $19 billion in the year 2014. They developed and added new features to whatsapp like video calling, increase in group members limit, multiple file sharing options, status videos, etc.

FB alerts on Instagram:

Recently, users of Instagram have received facebook alerts. FB was testing cross-platform notifications feature. They believe these alerts will help people know the status of their friends. You may have observed about the notifications that pop-up on Instagram asking to invite your Facebook friends. FB is a social networking website, and the connection between friends is interlinked. If a person likes, comments a photo/video, then his activity is displayed in the news feed of his/her friends and chain goes on.

Instagram has also become a social networking app, but user opinions are different. One of the users reported getting a notification that his friend liked a photo on Facebook. According to sources, tests were going on these new features and are not entirely live yet.  

Possible Reasons:

There are two reasons why FB wants to get users back. One is for advertising and the second reason is for the brand itself. In an interview with Mark, he stated that they run ads on their site and that generates revenue for them. When user base is decreasing and getting shifted to other apps, advertisers also start preferring the platforms that most people use. 

So ultimately it affects the revenue generation. People love user-friendly apps. Why do you think whatsapp was a hit even though with a small start? It’s usage of simplicity. You do not need to enter login credentials every time to use it like FB. Once you sign up with a mobile number, this is it. As simple as that, you can use it by just opening the app as per the requirement.

Realizing the potential, FB acquired whatsapp. Initially, it charged around 1$ annual subscription, but now the app is entirely free. Instagram displays ads in between the stories tab of friends.

According to the latest reports, 800 million users are on Instagram while Facebook has 2.1 billion users. Even though FB users are more in number, Instagram profiles are way genuine compared to FB profiles.

Ad campaigns on Facebook have many filters like age, location, sex to only focus on targeted people. They are in plans to bring out a new incentive campaign structure where ads will be displayed on Facebook Messenger, in-between videos and Instagram stories. 


We have to understand here that the top priority of Facebook is its users. Some features may attract and some may not. They are updating at regular intervals so that users will spend more time using apps. At the same time, advertising is also crucial for the franchise. The primary source of income comes from advertising.

Facebook has more scope of advertising compared to Instagram. This is the main reason they are continually trying to get users from Instagram to visit FB by giving notifications of friend’s activities on Facebook.

Now you may have understood why FB is getting added to Instagram. As users, we can wait till the features go live, and test them. If most of the users get discomfort, they will surely remove the connection between both social networking apps.