Faber Ware Countertop Dishwasher: A Star Appliance

Faber Ware Countertop Dishwasher: A Star Appliance

A dishwasher is truly a product that is a lifesaver, as well as a time saver. Once you start using the dishwasher, it’ll be impossible to go back to life without a dishwasher, given hoe handy and convenient it is. Well, you don’t need to go back. But surely, you can make an upgrade on your current dishwasher and switch to this compact and portable over the top dishwasher by Faberware. It is sure to become your most favorite appliance in the kitchen. Want to know what all the fuss is about? Read on to get all the scoop on this amazing dishwasher.


What makes this dishwasher a product you can’t get going without in your homes is that it has a very modern and compact design, ensuring that the dishwasher can be used even in small spaces. It doesn’t matter if you have a small apartment or running out of storage; it takes only so much space and also comes with a 6-place setting capacity, so it is quite the right fit to be sued almost anywhere, be it your apartment, your college dorm room, and even on your boat.


Thanks to this setting capacity, you can also use many types of dishes in this dishwasher and not be limited to just one type of utensils and dishes, normally the case with most dishwashers in the market. You won’t have the flexibility to use your existing dishes and utensils and instead will have to purchase separate ones that care specific to the dishwasher model you have. That does sound a little frustrating, but with this Faberware dishwasher, it’s only a thing of the past. It can accommodate dishes that are as big as up to 10 inches in diameter. A folding down rack shelf and a cutlery basket also come included.


Another cool feature is that this dishwasher is 100% portable, which means you can carry it with you when traveling or on the go. Camps and camp trips are going to be much more enjoyable and memorable thanks to the Faberware dishwasher. It’s right size also makes it perfectly fit into any environment, even small cabins in a village or mountain somewhere far away. One can only say that long travels and your entire traveling experiences are going to get way better.


There are 7 different washing options available. These are – heavy washing, light washing, normal washing, baby care washing, glass washing, self-clean option, and the 45 minutes speed option. The speed option is just right when you need to get all your dishes done quickly or in cases where you have very few dishes that you can clean up instantly; the self-cleaning option is also a blessing.


Key Features:


  • Child lock feature
  • Compact and portable design
  • Easy to install
  • Baby care program
  • Extra drying function
  • Cutlery rack



  • Can fit anywhere
  • Safe from intrusion by children
  • Can wash many varieties of dishes
  • Self-cleaning option available



  • Not suitable for large batches of dishes
  • Less space
  • Pods won’t get completely dissolved



If the dishwasher is connected to the faucet, should the water be turned on for the whole cycle? Does the water drain back into the sink?


Yes, it is required that water needs to be turned on for the full cycle. Since the unit can heat water according to its requirements, cold water is sufficient. Also, 99% of the water drains back into the sink. According to the instructions given, you should first turn off the water and then only open the machine at the end of the cycle. Along with this, make sure to disconnect the hose also.


Will turning on the faucet while the device is working cause flooding in your kitchen since the faucet should be turned on for the entire time?


There are two hoses, one for the incoming water and the other for the outgoing. This ensures that water moves in a cycle and not just in one way; therefore, it prevents flooding in your kitchen.


Does this device need a hot water hook-up?


No, hot water hooks up are not required. Simply by using cold water is enough. The water will be heated by the device automatically.

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