DIY Tricks To Manage Your Team From a Remote Location With These Fantastic Tools

DIY Tricks To Manage Your Team From a Remote Location With These Fantastic Tools

In today’s time, most people are becoming freelancers; they want to work, but at their terms. They make money by working from home, leaving the office life. They work on projects based on their creative field.

Hence, they move on with their lives. But as the demand for their work increases, so does their client. And apparently, when this happens, as a freelancer, you need to be organized. You need to have a valid plan.

Sometimes, you can miss place an email, and you may lose a  client. Your reputation will be staked. Therefore, you need a proper project management system. A project management system will help you get organized, and you stay sharp and put with your work. Yes! You will be more professional. This article will talk about project management tools, communication tools, time management websites, and more.

Best Project Management Tools

Project Management tools will help you organize any deadlines, files, and anything related to project discussions. It will make sure that you complete your tasks on time with the right person. These tools will help you keep anything to everything related to the project at the right place. It will definitely track you’re the to-do list! You can even see your deadlines, and be aware of it all the time.

  • Trello is one such project management tool. It has boards, lists, cards, and more. It has boards for different topics. You can move the cards, according to your work. You can see which one is completed, or yet to be completed. It has a free plan, which is quite compelling. It is easy to use and allows you to drag and drop these cards to the lists. Use this to organize your tasks and get to know the stages.

Main Features

You can attach files, checklists, know the due dates. You can assign the cards to specific members. There is in-card discussions, and also project descriptions.

  • Basecamp is also a project management tool. It is simple and quite basic. They created the entire features carefully to be used efficiently. You can easily organize all your projects and clients. Freelancers love this tool for sure. It is smooth and effortless to use. You can even separate the client into different organizations and label each one of them to make it more clear.  

Main Features

You can create the to-do list, be updated on the due dates, assign tasks to different members present. You can also attach files. And the best part it uses the internal calendar.

 Business Communication Tools

Freelancers not only just sit at home and work, but some of them also have their own business. Yes! Freelancers can be business people too. These professionals need to chat and talk directly to their clients, to understand their needs and requirements. They can come from the same country or different. But communication is the priority; if you do have international clients, it may cost you or them. So, let us see the best business communication tools for any freelancers.

  • Skype is one of the best and the most known communication tools for anyone out there.  You can send messages, chat online, even be engaged in a video call. Simply install this on your computer or mobile, and have an excellent internet connection. You can even have a conference call, share screens, and much more. You can get your own Skype number so any non-Skype user can get in touch with you easily. You can talk to people across the world. You can either go for personal or professional Skype.

Main Features

You can message, chat online, and video call. You can even be in group chats, download the app.

  • Google Hangouts is the best tool for corporate communication. It is one of the free project management tools out there. Google powers it, and hence it is more secure. You can message your clients, chat with them live, video call for free, and more. It supports up to 10 people, so yeah, it is a great tool. You can sync the data across the given devices, and hence you can chat and message easily. It is created with all the functionality that a mobile phone might need. It is currently being used all over the world, and it is quite a fantastic tool.

Main Features

It is for Android and iOS. You can engage with a video or voice call easily. It is built for instant messages.

Best Time Management Tools

You do need to manage your time effectively if you want to be known as a professional in your field. Everyone likes to work with someone who knows how to work with time. Freelancers need this quite badly to maintain an excellent time management cycle. Let’s see some of the tools that can help freelancers in their work.

  • Toogl is a great time tracker for any of its users. It is simple to use and understand. It is one of the popular time management tools out there. It is built on single click time tracking, which helps you keep track of your time. You can export the timesheets, set the bill rates, and also have several in-built project management tools.

Main Feature

You can track time offline, set billable rates. You can color code the projects.

  • Rescue Time is yet another time management tools out there. It is designed to see your productivity. It will run on the back-gound, and it will analyze your time spent on websites and any applications. And hence it will give you a report on your actions.

Main Feature

You can track your daily goals. You can see your productivity score. Also, you can block any distracting websites.

These six tools are the best, one needs to manage their team from a remote location. Try them now and witness the result yourself.

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