DIY Hacks – Use These Top 5 Tools To Make Awesome Content

DIY Hacks – Use These Top 5 Tools To Make Awesome Content

Are you a curator and looking for new ideas to create content? Finding good quality content nowadays is not easy because there is so much information available on the internet, making it difficult to curate fresh content. Finding appropriate ideas to curate content might not be as easy as you think. Useful and quality content is the most important part of the content creation technique.

Content is an essential part of any video, blog, article, website, etc. Users like to read useful information only if the information presented to them is of interest. There are millions of bloggers, website maintainers, YouTubers out there. All of them can not find good quality content every day. But if you are one of them and looking for new ideas to grow your platform, then you should present them the content of their interest frequently.

With a huge amount of data, there are several chances that your idea might be someone else’s idea too. Many bloggers and content creators make their content based on the same topic. There is a high probability that the content you are creating, someone else is also working on that topic. In these cases, issues related to plagiarism and copyrights happen.

Curating a copyright-free content is a must for any content creator. There are many tools available online that will help you to get unique ideas for content creation. Here, I am going to present you some of the tools that will help you to make better content.

  1. Quora

Quora is a platform where people can freely ask their questions regarding any topic, and the people who know about it share their answers. It’s mainly a place to share knowledge to understand the topic better. Millions of users across the world use Quora nowadays.

You can ask any question on Quora, and there are high chances that your question will be answered soon. There is a top stories section on the Quora where you can get trending topics and their information. There is a link section where popular platforms like Forbes, The Verge, etc. present their content.

Questions are categorized as per the fields. You can follow topics of interest. If you select one particular topic, then the questions, links related to that topic will be presented to you. This way, you can find out trending topics that will help you to get new ideas for content creation.

You can spend some credits that will get your question on the front page so that more people can see it. Quora also has a mobile application for smartphone users.

  • Reddit

Reddit is a community platform for social news aggression, web content rating, and discussion. It has more than 500 million monthly visitors, and the registered members have the opportunity to share their content on Reddit. If you are a registered member, you can share your content in the form of text posts, links, and images. Posts are categorized as per the subject.

Reddit has sections related to topics like news, science, movies, video games, music, books, fitness, food, and image-sharing. Topics are voted up or down by members. The topic with more upvotes is featured on the front page.

Just like Quora, Reddit also has a trending section where favorite posts are featured. You can subscribe to the communities of your interest. Reddit also has a Q&A section, offering communication between different users, and an excellent platform for getting new ideas.


Images and videos help to creat a good impression for any content. Most of the visitors like to see content related images with content. Stocksnap is a great platform to get beautiful stock photos.

Stocksnap is a website that provides free stock images. You can get HD stock images in different categories such as business, nature, people, beach, happy, city, etc. All the photos uploaded on Stocksnap are in high definition quality. The photos are free to use.

There is a trending section where you can find the most viewed and downloaded photos. You can also sort photos by date, views, downloads, favorite. There is a search option provided for you to get the desired images. Users can submit their photos also. If you are a creator, then you should definitely try Stocksnap at least for one time.

  • Feedly

One of the many ways to get new ideas is to look for relevant content that is being published related to your’s topic. Getting updated yourself with current affairs is a must for making new content. There is a quite hassle include in that process. You have to check many blogs and websites for being updated.

Feedly will help you to resolve the process. Instead of checking all the websites and blogs, you can gather the list of websites and blogs in Feedly, and it will show all the updates in a single place. You can select your interested topics, and it will show you new posts related to that topic.

You can also make categories. You can create folders and add your sources into the folder. Feedly also shows you recommendations about related blogs. You can use tags and shortcut keywords. Feedly also provides google alert services that will help you to monitor news and updates in your field. If you add your youtube account info, then it will show the latest videos from the channels you have subscribed to.

Feedly is a great place to look for new ideas.

  • Hemingway editor

Articles and blogs are effective to the audience if they are well written, without mistakes, and engaging. Every blogger or website maintainer cannot afford to hire professionals for making the content engaging. Hemingway editor makes it possible as it is a free tool for that. There is a paid version also available for Windows and Mac users.

Once you copy your written content and paste it in the editor, it will show you mistakes and suggestions. The tool will identify the sentences that are hard to read and will show you that the sentence needs to be paraphrased. It will show you simple alternatives you can use instead of phrases. The tool will count sentences, characters, paragraphs, words, and time needed for reading the text. It also checks for spelling and grammatical errors. This tool is a must to use for bloggers and article creators.

I hope the above-mentioned tools will surely help you to make awesome good quality content.

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