Can Huawei MacBook X Pro overtake other Notebooks?
The 2020 Huawei MacBook X Pro is an enhanced and upgraded version of 2018 released Huawei MacBook X Pro.

Can Huawei MacBook X Pro overtake other Notebooks?

The 2020 Huawei MacBook X Pro is an enhanced and upgraded version of 2018 released Huawei MacBook X Pro. The earlier model had been unsuccessful in competing with the other released models due to some flaws in performance. Hence, the 2020 upgraded premium version had tried to resolve the faults and is packed up with many appreciating features to look through.

The combination of the 10th generation Intel core processor with the GPU chip NVIDIA Ge Force can be seen in this flagship model. From the 2018 MX250 chip, it had shifted to MX250 in this latest model for faster and better performance than its predecessor.

Let’s take a closer look at its positives, neutral and negative feature to judge whether it can compete or will overtake other flagships.



Look and Feel


Fully metallic aluminum alloy made the body provides a sturdy, solid, and premium look to the device. You can choose between three charming colors: emerald green- a rare laptop color that they had tried, and then space grey and mystic silver. All these colors make the device look classy in their own way. Silver and grey coated models will give a professional look to the device, whereas green coated one is shifted slightly towards the entertainment. However, all three models are made for both business and entertainment purposes; the color is just a pleasing factor in everyone’s choice list that may vary. The MacBook body has finished with CNC diamond cutting. Besides, a sandblasted coating in the outer finish will give a pretty look to the laptop. The top lid is simple, smooth, and clear with the Huawei logo embedded on it, which can be lifted effortlessly.

The dimensions of the product are 217 mm depth, 304 mm depth, and 14.6 mm height. The Huawei has also paced up itself to follow the trend of thinner laptop generation. The ultra-thin model (14.6 mm), when combined with its lightweight (1.33 kg), will help you carry it around easily from one place to another with less effort. You can carry it in a bag at the back or hold it in hand; it will not make your hands and shoulders heavy and tired.






A tech proverb says, ‘high-quality products require a high-quality display.’ The Huawei MacBook X Pro is sure to justify this statement with its exquisite screen display. LTPS LCD with 3000 x 2000 pixels will assure you to prove faster and higher picture resolution and top-quality viewing experience. The large, square-shaped display will give you a pretty space to work on.

The 13.9-inch screen display with narrow, thin bezel on top and sides, Huawei says that you can have a borderless watching. A high percentage (90%) of the screen to body ratio will expose you to immerse into a wider and bigger screen while watching movies, videos or when doing any task such as reading or typing. You can experience a 178-degree screen viewing angle.

Images and video streaming will be more vibrant and realistic – a highly appreciable feature due to 100% sR GB wide color gamut. You can not only watch or read the screen but can also easily navigate and swipe to work on the screen since it is enabled with a sensitive touch screen. The touch screen will allow you to scroll, select, and zoom like in smartphones.

For some or other reasons, the mode by which you actually use any laptop is through its display (whatever you type, click, watch, read, etc. appears on display only). With a good pixel density of 278 PPI and a contrast ratio of 1500:1, you get a highly detailed image on the screen. The maximum brightness of the screen is up to 450 nits. So these higher brightening nits of the display will help to neutralize the bright reflecting surroundings to a great extent. Light sensors are also made to make the screen adaptive to the environment and to reduce excessive battery usage by the screen in such scenarios.

Screenshots can also be easily clicked by simply swiping down on the screen using three fingers. Overall, to judge, the screen and displays are well equipped with amazing features.



Performance and Usability


Though the variants come with two different processors, the base is the same, i.e.; they had included the latest 10th generation Intel Core processors. This most striking feature of the device helps it provide maximum performance by coordinating and controlling other functions and hence the right to call it a ‘Pro’ model. One variant comes with a low-end Core i5 10210U processor and a high-end Core i7 10510U processor.

The combination of Comet Lake Intel Core processor and NVIDIA graphics can help you to achieve better gaming performance.

Connectivity and interface options include high speed upgraded WiFi 6, wireless, Bluetooth, NFC, one USB 3.0 (right side), 3.3 mm audio jack for headphones, and two USB Type C, which supports Thunderbolt 3. The USB Type C port does support charging, data sharing, and display port. The NFC will help to share and transfer files between MacBook and Huawei phones/tablets.

The device is not preloaded with many applications; it only contains Huawei Share, Huawei MateBook manager, Huawei factory reset, and eye protection mode. The Huawei Share helps in multi-screen collaboration between your Smartphone and MateBook X Pro. A simple tap will allow your phone screen to appear on your MateBook; by this, you can share files between the phones and laptop, or you open the features on your phone on the laptop. Superfans help to cool the device faster, and it runs with very low noise even at high performance.





The MacBook X Pro slim body is packed up with a monstrous 56 Wh battery. The company had advertised that the model would give up to 13 hours of usage in a single charge, and 30 minutes of quick charge can give up to 6 hours. The latter mentioned quick charging could be possible only when the laptop is in sleep mode or completely turned off or with 150 nits brightness level. This data would also vary with usage. They claim that this estimate would decrease to 11 hours with browsing and can increase up to 15 hours if you do any regular work.

Unlike brick-sized and weighed power adaptor used for faster charging, this device charger has been successfully made out light in weight, carried anywhere with ease. The 65W power adaptors support the USB C interface. The same adaptor can be used to charge any other phones or tablets. So, you don’t need to carry so many chargers to increase your hassle.





The variants come with two storage options, 512 GB of fast storage that comes with Intel Core i5 processor and up to 1 TB of fast SSD storage if you wish to buy a Core i7 processor.

Along with this, you can get a sufficient amount of RAM storage of 16 GB, which can smoothly help for multitasking performance include gaming.






The keyboard is well built, large, and has enough key travel for making typing tasks smooth and with less noise while typing. The touchpads are multifunctional, large enough, and are simpler, responsive, and smother in function. You would feel great with your fingers on it while working. The touchpad doesn’t contain any buttons for separate right/left click; it’s simply plain.

To make the screen bigger and bezel thinner, the device has shifted its webcam position and nested it between the F6 and F7 keys of the keyboard. This extra key is drawn with the camera icon, and when you require it, you can press it, and then pop up the camera would come out; otherwise, it would be hidden in the keyboards.

You can work on the keyboard at nights or in a dark room using backlit keyboard technology. This would help to lit the keys to easing your typing task.

The power button present on the right top corner of the keyboard has fingerprint sensor technology. The biometric authentication sensors will detect your fingerprint with one touch and access the desktop quickly and safely in just 7 seconds (claimed by Huawei).





The sound system is equipped with Quad speakers (two treble and two basses), which will amplify loud, clear, and ear pleasant frequency sound. The grills are present on the extreme vertical end of the keyboard on both sides. Four microphones can give you a deep resonance base.

The noise-reducing function will reduce the room or environment noises to give out the low distorted sound experience. 3.5 mm headphone jack connectivity is also included.

Your voice can be picked up by MacBook even when you are 4 meters away. This helps the voice-enable applications to hear your voice easily clearly.



What are Pros?

  • Latest 10th Generation Intel Core processor.
  • Ultra-thin and lightweight for easy portability.
  • Narrow bezel and wider LTPS display screen.
  • 100% sR GB wide color gamut.
  • Sensitive touch screens and three-finger swipe screenshot technology.
  • Quad speakers for robust sound, 360 degrees sound reception, and 4 meters voice interaction between user and MacBook.
  • Monstrous 56 Wh battery offers the best battery life and a lightweight power adapter for quick charging.
  • Backlit keyboard technology.
  • Power button with a fingerprint sensor.
  • NVIDIA Ge Force MX250 graphics for better visuals.


What are Cons?

  • 1 MP camera can’t take good quality images and videos.
  • The bottom positioned pop up camera wouldn’t take your correct angled videos, especially while attending meetings.
  • No microSD card slot.





  • Processor: Intel Core i5/ Intel Core i7.
  • Storage: 16 GB RAM and 512 GB/1TB SSD storage.
  • Camera: 1 Megapixel.
  • Display: 13. 9 inches, LTPS touch screen display.
  • Screen Resolution: 3000 x 2000 pixels with 3K resolution.
  • Weight: 1.33 kg.
  • Dimension: 217 x 304 x 14.6 mm.
  • Graphics: NVIDIA Ge Force MX250/ Intel HD Graphics 620.
  • Operating system: Window 10 Home.




The attractive design, elegant display, powerful battery, good keyboard features, excellent storage, strong audio, and most prominent – portable and would definitely help itself find a better position in the modern-day competitions. This laptop is loaded with most of the features that you’d be wanting for daily tasks. The use of the latest processor is highly appreciable. For multitasking and editing high-resolution images, the combo of processor, graphics, and its high storage would help to achieve it with a breeze. It’s a great portable laptop but to say with poor webcam camera and positioning for giving awkward angles capture. But apart from these minor faults, this is a perfectly functional laptop that had hit the standards of high quality, and it is indeed a promising one to buy.

Look & Fee: 8
Display: 7
Performance : 8
Battery Life: 8
Storage: 7
Keyboard: 8
Sound: 9
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The attractive design, elegant display, powerful battery, good keyboard features, excellent storage, strong audio, and most prominent – portable and would definitely help itself find a better position in the modern-day competitions.
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