Apple started shipping its new 10.2-inch iPad version

Apple started shipping its new 10.2-inch iPad version

The new iPad with a 10.2-inch retina display is out for shipping from 25th September. Apple announced in a press release the release of the Latest Apple iPad at the same time with new version release of iPadOS. New Apple iPad will be available in the stores by this week.

7th grade new iPad starts at only INR 29,900 with remarkable features. The new iPad has increased display from previous iPad versions. It also features a smart connector that is compatible with the smart keyboard used by iPad Air. The new iPad includes A-10 fusion chip powered Apple pencil support.

Features of new iPad

The new iPad has a 3.5 million pixel display featuring a wide-angle. It helps to make a wide canvas for some amazing expressions. The advanced sensors and enhanced cameras in Apple iPad 2019 are optimum for immersive augmented reality experiences.

Affordable iPad 2019 brings two times improved performance over Windows PC that is a top-selling product. It allows multitasking in a faster way and allows a smooth gameplay experience in Apple Arcade.

Apple iPad 2019 has a durable and ultra-portable design and includes the first construction from 100% recycled aluminum. Despite that, it has the same strength, reliability, durability, and excellent finish.

The new iPad supports ultra-fast wireless performance as it supports Gigabit-class of LTE connectivity in iPad that delivers cellular connection three times faster.

With the touch ID in Apple iPad, unlocking the device is secure and simple with just the use of a finger and also keeps the data secure.

Apple iPad Lineup

The new most Affordable iPad 2019 will become a series of the iPad mini, iPad Air, and iPad Pro models that offers highly versatile and best iPad lineup so far.

Apple iPad lineup also consists of Apple pencil support that has the best in class performance. It has advanced display options and the all-day battery life that is unrivaled by any other tablet.

Based on the customer’s priority, apple features the most compatible iPad family with a range of screen size, features, portability, and price. The Latest Apple iPad is an addition to the Apple iPad lineup with an affordable price feature.

New iPadOS

With the launch of the new iPad, Apple also announced the release of the new iPad operating system with innovative features of versatile iPad and display compatibility. The new iPadOS gets a unique dark mode and includes a simple way to sign on the websites.

The new home screen in iPadOS shows multiple pages with quick access to headlines, weather, events, trips, calendar, and more views.

With the new OS iPad, users can work with multiple documents and files at the same time, such as they can write an email while reading another email. With the new apple pencil integration, users can mark entire webpages, emails, or documents.

Availability and Pricing

The new 7th generation iPad is available at $329 for Wi-Fi models and $499 for cellular data models and will be available by next week in the stores. Users can order from or get from stores in the US and more than 25 other countries.

Apple pencil is available separately for INR 8,500. The new iPadOS is free with the new 7th-grade apple iPad. Also, the free update of iPadOS is available for iPad Air2, iPad 5th generation, iPad mini and later including all iPad Pro models.

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