Amana 30 Inch Electric Cooktop With Multiple Settings

Amana 30 Inch Electric Cooktop With Multiple Settings

This induction cooktop with multiple settings is just the product you need to cook any dish you want, as you please. The easily accessible controls on this appliance make it one of the handiest cooktops you’ll ever have since it can practically cook anything and everything.

It is easy to install and doesn’t require too much effort in maintenance, thus making it most users’ favorite. Another comfort is that this cooktop is super easy to clean, too, so you don’t need to worry about having loads of work once the cooking job is completed.


Key Features


Some of the key features of this electric cooktop are listed below:

  • The cooktop contains 4 elements with 4 cooking options, which are fry, boil, simmer and melt, and all of which can be done for all your dishes at the same time. These elements, up to 2500 watts, are what help you took any dish you would prefer. On some days, you will want to have a simple and light meal while on the other days, you want to treat yourself and your family to a feast. Whatever your preferences are, this cooktop has got you covered.
  • The right controls make it easy for you to make your way through all the control systems on this cooktop and enable you to reduce or increase the heat whenever you want to.
  • Another interesting feature is the hot surface indicator, which will let you know when the cooktop is really hot, even if all the elements are turned off.
  • And similarly, the heating element indicator light lets you know when each of these elements is one so that you don’t forget to turn them off.
  • Being quite easy to install too, this one goes well with the décor of kitchens that have an on the wall oven.
  • As we mentioned before, maintenance and cleaning this cooktop is quite an easy task thanks to the control knobs on the appliance, which are dishwasher safe. The cooktop also has a ceramic glass finish that facilitates easy cleaning.
  • And now, we get to another important feature, which is the Keep Warm settings. This allows you to keep the food warm for longer durations, even after the food has completed cooking. It does so by keeping the power level not greater than 100 watts.


Let us now look at the pros and cons of this cooktop.


What are its Positives?

  • 4 elements
  • Installs over wall oven
  • Easy controls
  • Easy to install
  • Easy to clean
  • Keeps food warm even after cooked


What are its Negatives?

  • Doesn’t boil properly
  • Does more of reheating rather than boiling
  • The cooktop is slow in cooking at times


Can this cooktop be installed in a countertop?

Yes, you can. This model can be installed as a countertop. It is quite easy to install by yourself, and if you wish to have it installed by their team of professionals, you can just call Amana’s customer care.


How much volt connection does this cooktop require?

The Amana Cooktop AEC6540KFB requires a connection of about 240 volts for proper usage.


Does this model have a power boil feature?

Unfortunately, the power boil feature is not available on the Amana Cooktop AEC6540KFB model. However, there are 4 other options you can choose from, which lets you fry, boil, simmer, or melt your food.


What kind of cookware can I use on this appliance? Is flat bottomed cookware compatible?

The best-recommended cookware to use for the Amana Cooktop AEC6540KFB model is cookware, which has a flat bottom, straight sides, and a well-fitting lid.

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