8 Things To Avoid Doing While Playing PUBG

8 Things To Avoid Doing While Playing PUBG

We present to you the top eight things to avoid doing in PUBG not to face a ban.

PUBG Mobile game is a worldwide sensation from the moment it got released. The game has been breaking records like most number of downloads, the number of active players per day and many more. It is an intense battle royale game where 100 players will land at a place with bare hands. Players will collect weapons, meds and have to survive till the last zone.

Well, most of you people know this story of PUBG. But do you know why some of the players are getting banned from PUBG? We present to you the top eight things to avoid doing in PUBG not to face a ban.  

Using offensive player names

Players can put any names ranging from superhero names to their own names. But the names should not be offensive to hurt any other person’s feelings. Tencent people will observe the players who are reported along with reasons. If a player is reported from other players as their name is offensive and if Tencent agrees to the point, they ban the player.

Stream sniping

It was the twitch where players used to stream their games live (mostly PC games). After the introduction of PUBG mobile, some players started streaming through various platforms like Youtube and Facebook.

Stream sniping is an activity wherein players check the live stream of favorite streamer team and go to that place for killing them. This should not be done as the game is to be played fairly. Players will get banned for stream sniping.

Killing friends

You can knock your friends with grenades or vehicles and revive. Most of the people just do it for fun. Tencent also will not look into this until players report other friends for killing them. As far as the other 3 players in your team are your friends, it is okay to knock them out. Because it is just for fun.

But if the other ones are players from random matching, they will report for killing and account will face a ban.  

Speaking bad language

It is strictly prohibited to use bad language while talking with friends or in world chat. By doing so, Tencent will receive reports by other players and finally banning the player for their actions.

Using hacks

Recently more than 30,000 players were banned from PUBG mobile for using Radar hack. Not only this, some players use speed hack (can move 2x speed), aimbot hack (gun automatically points towards player and shoots), wallhack and many more.