7 DIY Tips For Providing Best Customer Service

7 DIY Tips For Providing Best Customer Service

Here are some DIY tips which even small startups can follow to provide excellent customer service.

Either you own a manufacturing company or service company, customers who experience problems will call you looking for a solution. There should be a dedicated team of employees for customer service. You cannot afford to lose returning and new users just because of poor customer service.

People these days search reviews on the internet before buying a product or to take a service from a company. Most importantly, they filter out low star reviews as many people generally think top comments are paid ones.

If a user has given a negative review on a product because of poor customer care service, there is 99% probability that new users will stay away from that company. Even though the product quality is excellent, negative reviews will be posted if customer service is not up to the mark. So, here are some DIY tips which even small startups can follow to provide excellent customer service.   

Positive Response

People looking for support might vary. Rude, calm, good nature, smart, negative minded people may call, and the employees are always supposed to give a positive response to all of them. It is crucial as one slipped word, and you got a negative review against the company online.  

Always answer their calls with a positive response and remain calm.

Solving Problems

Users will not call customer service just for fun. They will only call to query about the issues faced and most probably for suitable solutions. If you can solve the problems, users will be happy, and there are chances to improve the rating on websites.

Not everyone believes that everything is about 100% quality. So, customers will give few opportunities by calling the customer care and try to solve the problems. With bad service, negativity towards your company starts which leads to new users buying competitors products.

Try to solve their problems as soon as you can.

Being Calm

The most crucial rule in this scenario is never losing your patience and always be calm. Do not give irresponsible answers which will result in customers posting negative reviews on websites. They will not buy any of your products and furthermore insists relatives and friends not to buy.

An affirmative reply and solution-oriented approach always cool an angry customer. This is the way of thinking, and every employee should adopt it. It is good for business.

Better Listening Skills

Sometimes employees may get frustrated with the situations happening in his/her life. But personal life is entirely different from professional life. You guys should not drag your feelings at work and should do the job properly.

Listen to your callers carefully and reply when they are finished talking. This will result in engaging, positive talk and users will feel good and satisfied with the conversation.    


During face to face talk, the expression and tone of speech give a unique meaning. Try saying the same sentence in angry, high pitch voice and calm, medium pitch voice. You will find a significant difference between both.

But during voice talk, the tone of voice is what represents people. So if you are rude then obviously users will also give rude replies. Practice talking politely. Record your voice, listen and self-analyze the tone. Modify it accordingly, and you will find better results while dealing with users.  


Why websites send cookies to browsers? Why is Google analytics used most frequently? Why companies conduct surveys? A simple answer is they do for development. Sites send cookies to analyze user browsing nature so that based on data obtained they could redesign to attract users.  

Google analytics gives all the information regarding the number of visitors visited your site, region, website traffic and many more uses. This is useful for analyzing the traffic and update based on the behavior of users.

In the same way, feedbacks are essential for a company’s development. After the call with customer service is over, you can send an email or an SMS for customer’s feedback. Most of them try to give genuine replies which can be used for improvement.


The company must have a follow-up call after a few days of their product usage by customers. This will represent the company’s concern over its customers. Follow-ups lead to improving a healthy relationship with customers, resulting in word-of-mouth publicity.

In simple words, consider a company sells headphones as one of its products. Customer “x” buys them online. After two weeks, an employee from the company gives a follow-up call. If customer “x” finds any defects, he/she will express their problems. If not, he will feel happy for the concern from the company.

If his friends or relatives are planning to buy headphones and are not sure which one to buy, this customer “x” will suggest the headphone brand from where he bought it. In this way, the company gets positive ratings, new customers with word of mouth publicity, returning customers and much more advantages.   

Wrapping Up

In a company, all factors play a crucial role in its development. Customer service is also an essential part of it which should not be neglected. Follow the above tips for better service and make your customers happy and satisfied.