15 Work From Home Options During The Lockdown.

15 Work From Home Options During The Lockdown.

In this crisis of global pandemic where the whole world is suffering from nationwide lockdown. The fate of human life is being controlled by a dangerous yet tiny virus. At this outbreak of COVID-19, the entire world has come down to a mute state.  Sourced from the Wuhan city of China, the coronavirus has spread like Wildfire globally. It is causing people to be infected and much-facing death.

There are many beautiful countries like the US, Italy, Spain, China, Germany, France, and many more. They all have faced complete lockdown and a huge death rate.

This is one complete state of pandemonium that the world is witnessing right now. Everywhere places are locked.  From schools to colleges to offices, libraries, museums, shopping malls, all entertainment outlets, food joints like cafes and restaurants. All the tourist spots to religious centers like temples and churches every place is closed down. In this complete state of unrest and national lockdown, it is a huge setback that the world economy has faced. In such a state, every individual is at-home quarantine. 

This implies that no individual shall go out doing a mundane course of life. Will be restricted to their houses and practice a few norms like social distancing. And also maintain the proper balance of hygiene and cleanliness. These few things help ward the bacteria from spreading. When everyone is staying back at their homes. The question comes that what are the options available for working during the lockdown phase.

So without wasting any more time. Let’s get started with the various options of work that you can do while you are lockdown. And earn money during this phase and make a living.

1. Freelancing-

Freelancing is a great option for people who can and want to work from home. In freelancing, you don’t need to go to any office in person to be physically present. The concept itself is all about working remotely from your home for any company or client. That is located in a different place.

Thus in this period of lockdown, nothing can be better than working as a professional freelancer. Also, as we are all lockdown, there is no house help. Therefore the purpose of freelancing is that you can do it according to your own free time. After you have finished your daily chores.  In freelancing, there are many options. You can edit them, write, design, and do other such stuff assigned to you by your client.


Scriptwriting is easy and another great option that can be done as a work from home choice. There are many media houses and entertainment business that needs content even when it is a lockdown period. These professionals tend to outsource their scripting work to scriptwriters. So you can become a scriptwriter if you have the flair of writing. While writing a script, one should know that the script should be easy enough to be shot on screen. Scripts are usually written in audio or video format and death pics and paper representation of the writer’s vivid imagination.

3.Daily vlogging-

Well, in contemporary time’s, Daily vlogging is an interesting concept. The main idea behind this is you record through a video camera, the daily usual activities throughout the day. The video is done and thereafter you can upload the video for your audience on the individual YouTube channel. In this way, you get to share your story and daily activities. With your Chanel’s subscribers on YouTube which is a big social platform.  Thus you can connect to more audiences also after a certain time when your subscriber list is pretty high. Post a certain number of the subscriber; an advertisement will be generated into your YouTube channel. It is through these advertisements that you can make money. Hence vlogging which means video log- is a brilliant and convenient option during the phase of lockdown.

4.Online tutorials for academic or language-

Many people who know various foreign languages can utilize this talent and knowledge to educate other people. Also, this can be a great working option when you are all lockdown in your home.  In the form of video tutorials, you can teach the basics of this language with a module of classes ranging from, for instance, 1 to 10.  As the number of classes increases so does the level of your language tutorial class gradually moves from basic to an advanced level. Nowadays, there is a lot of demand for learning a new language; thus, you can make video tutorials of a foreign language, for example, French, Arabic or any other such language, which will be very beneficial for others. You can make money out of the video tutorial channel too.

Along with the languages, you can also upload short videos of subjects or lessons which will help the students to continue their studies. Since they can’t do that while staying at home, these lessions and FAQ sections will guide them to pursue their education further.

5.Entertainment channel-

When it comes to the Entertainment channel, the subject line can be anything. If you are good at dancing, you can put up dance videos for entertainment for the public. The same goes for other skills like singing or stand-up comedy all poetry recitation putting up a one mime show and such other things. Entertainment channels do very well as people to watch and get entertained simple activities hard time the day.  Also, In this lockdown phase, these channels will do pretty well as everyone is restricted and confined to their homes, they do not have anything better to do than continuously surfing the internet for entertainment or passing their spare time.

6.DIY video-

Do-it-yourself videos are much in trend in this contemporary time. As you are home-bound, you can teach creative options like making a pen stand or how to make spared areas with cardboard boxes, paint an old water bottle to make it into a beautiful art piece or a flower vase and such other creative things.  There are many videos where you will see that their old clothes are given a new look by cutting and stitching using some useful and fashionable technique.  So when it comes to DIY videos, the options are many and also you can explore many things.  If you are a creative person, then try to outsource your imagination and bring up ideas which are useful and at the same time one will enjoy doing it and it is easy. Such videos make great content and especially now when everyone is at home and has some time, they can indulge in such activities for therapeutic relief.

7.Extracurricular tutorial

Extra-curricular tutorials can be anything. If you are good at stitching and no many techniques of and other things then you can very well teach how to stitch on knit.  There are many audiences out there who want to learn how to do all this knitting and stitching things.  Also, as a part of extracurricular tutorial videos teach how to play a specific board game such as chess. Dance choreography can also be another idea when you are making such videos. So if you are someone who knows the basics of dancing and loves choreography, then that too can be a great option. Hence any skill-based training that you can give while staying at home by recording a video about it and upload in online on various channels like YouTube, Udemy, etc. This will hold quite some income, suits as one of the best options to work from home!

8.Translation work from home-

If you are good with two languages such as English, German, French, Bengali, Hindi, Arabic, Telugu or any other such language, then you can take up translation work. The translation is all about the language of the parent script to the native language some other. Translation works are available in plenty and you can do it in your free time during this lockdown phase.


If you have ideas and writing skills, then blogging is another smart option. You can have your blogging platform you can share your ideas and thoughts or write about a specific topic and interact with your readers if you can write well and connect to your audience group then you will develop great leaders and they will be trusting your write-ups so you can also open greater avenues for your future scope of career in the writing platform. Blogging also has many genres like a travel blogger, food blogger or it can be a platform where you just share your thoughts differently. The scope of creativity in such forums is indeed vast. Brands and advertisers contact bloggers for promotion through which they earn.

10.Instagram influencer-

An Instagram influencer is one very quirky and interesting career option that you can take up during this phase. Insta influencers are all about social stars who have built their reputation and Stardom on their platform. You can click and post various pictures as well as videos to get the followers. More followers you have, more earning you can get. Brands hire these people to promote their products, services, etc. on Instagram. While at this staying home period, you can still collaborate with other influencers, since you don’t have to go out for this work or even to hire an influencer.

11.Book review/ movie review-

If you are a bookworm and that is a mini library at your home, then this work will be your dream work. You can become a book reviewer. You can read a book at this time which is one of the best calling search spares turn your hobby into the proper profession of reviewing the book that you have read. In case you are a movie buff and love watching world cinema, then that to can be turned to potential and productive work by writing about the review of the movie. You can be a book or a movie reviewer and earn quite well.

12.Editing video/content-

Editing jobs can also be a great option at this time. There are many kinds of Editing like content editing for video editing. As there are many freelance writers, an editor is very important to edit those write-ups. You can work for a freelance company or a client of your own as an editor editing the contents of freelance writers. Also, if you are good at videography or know the skills of how to edit a video then that two can be considered as a great editing work that can be done from your home with the help of the Internet and computer or laptop.

13.Website designing & development-

People have various ideas, for which they need to have a website and hire a website designer. Website designing is yet another interesting option to do while working from home. In website designing, you have to create the landing pages, logo, etc. as per the client’s requirement. So for home quarantined or for the lockdown phase, this kind of career option is a smart choice too.

14.Data entry-

As all the offices are closed down during this lockdown phase a lot of jobs are outsourced and one such job is data entry. You can easily take up this job and do it while sitting at home. These are the backend work of offices wherein one has to just fill the data in an excel sheet or the software following the guidelines given by the company or the client you are working for. Data entry jobs are easy and you can do it with just your computer, laptop and good internet speed.

15.Uploading videos on TikTok-

If you are an entertainer, then you can also make Tik Tok videos. Tiktok is not a commercialized platform but once you get fame on it, you can become an influencer or can even get better future opportunities. Many companies pay in dollars to Tiktok influencers who have that many viewers/followers. There can be promotional videos, trendy videos that can become an income source. However, on Tiktok, you have to put your content in the form of a video in a very creative and entertaining way so that you get a lot of viewers. Basically, by the brand partnership, the source of earning starts.

The above 15 options make a great work from home choices during this lockdown period. Staying home is not always about negativity and boredom. You can utilize this spare time or the time that you are fruitfully confined in homes. Hence with all the above options of work, you can now relax and stop panicking about your economic well-being. All the above options of work can be done remotely from your home avoiding social distancing and going out. These work methods indeed are great options to choose during this phase of national lockdown. If you think you are good at something then just start doing it.

Stay home, stay safe and fight this Corona pandemic with positivity.

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