Privacy Policy

We value your privacy. It is the user’s right to know what happens with their data. We are what we do, and the same is described below. Please report to us if you are not comfortable with any of the points.

Information We Collect

We at publish articles on various categories. People love to be updated with the latest news happening around the world. Our primary focus is that aspect. We post articles in regular successions and this busy world; there are always chances to forget and miss the information from our site.

We collect emails to update and notify our beloved users with the latest posted articles. Upon visiting site, enter your email and click on subscribe button. From that moment, you will be receiving all the updates right in your inbox.

Compared to other websites, we do not collect any additional personal information rather than email. We wish to maintain a healthy relationship with users.

How We Use The Information

We strictly use the information to send emails. We never give or sell the email databases to third parties. User privacy is our top priority. The feedback from users is used to improve the design of the site. We use the data to enhance user experience and customer service.

A simple to use interface, fewer options, easy navigation, easy sharing is our main advantages. That being said, we never intend to express that we are no.1 at what we do. We try our best to update so that users problems will continuously be solved. If you face any issues using our site, reach us on

We share the data only if there is a requirement. For sending updates to our users, we use third-party services. At that time, we share our user database with them. We are using services from the renowned company, and so the data is safe from misuse.

Cookies Policy

We have just explained above that we want to improve the website as per users needs. But how do we do that? We should know magic or most of the users should suggest about the changes periodically. These two cases are never going to happen in the real world.

When you visit our site, cookies are sent to the browser which then stores in the form of a text file. With the help of cookies, we can use the information to track your browsing activities. This does not mean, we now have all your browsing data. Cookies will help us to observe what type of sites, users like most navigating.

We can analyze the data and develop best user experience sites. But few of you may not like the concept of utilizing the browsing activities. So you may select from browser settings with which your browser will not accept cookies from that moment of time.

Security Policy

Security is always a big concern. Before giving the details, we know that the users sometimes wonder that what if my email gets into wrong hands? We connect with third-party providers for providing us with utmost database security. The data access requires credentials and is hard to hack through.

General Terms and Conditions

We will assume that our users will follow the terms and conditions mentioned on the site. Please look into our terms and conditions section to know more information.

Changes to Our Policy

We have all the rights to change our privacy policy. The reason to mention is, users may question us for the change in the policy in the future (if changed). Nothing is permanent, and we are continually updating to newer levels. We will add more features which require further more permission from users. We will add all the required details in our privacy policy after the features go live.

That is the reason we mention time, and again, we will modify our privacy policy based on the services we offer.

Contact Us

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