Top 9 Social Media Tools For The Improvement of Marketing Outcomes


Today’s businesses have multiple ways to connect with customers through online channels. While emails, search engines have been around for a while, the rise of social media such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc. have created a new industry altogether.


These digital media has given the opportunity to connect with consumers on a one to one basis providing scope for a personalized touch. However, the marketer needs to use proper tools to get value out of marketing investments in social media platforms.


"Here we will provide you with the top social media tools available for marketers to manage their campaigns effectively and give a higher return on investment."




If you want to focus on graphics such as images and videos, then MavSocial is the one for you. It links with Facebook, Twitter, youtube, LinkedIn, Tumblr and Instagram accounts. This platform gives you the ability to schedule your content. You can also preview the content as it appears on these platforms before even sending it.


If you are running out of content, this platform has a way to reschedule information and posts. MavSocial has specific toolboxes for galleries, image database, engagement analytics, and collaboration. This platform has 5 different plans; you can choose any based on your marketing budget.




Ever since snapchat and whatsapp have launched their stories and status features, they have become a new way of engaging with customers. Storyheap is one such platform that enables social media marketers to take advantage of this feature.


It is a tailor-made tool for the stories feature and allows brands to manage their stories and whatsapp statuses right from their desktop. It also gives in-depth analytics about how many people viewed that status, how they reacted to it. The tool also gives you the current and the projected popularity of the story in real time, enabling you to take better decisions. It supports both snapchat, Whatsapp and Instagram.




There are hundreds of social media platforms available to millions of active users. Buffer is a tool that integrates with multiple platform accounts easily. It enables the marketer to send a consistent message across different platform.


This is a must-have feature concerning brand awareness and positioning. It allows businesses to queue posts in all the platforms and keep them updated. Buffer is actively developing third-party extensions to most emerging social media platforms. It also has powerful data analytics, collaboration tools, and image editing features.


4.Social drift


Explicitly designed for Instagram, SocialDrift is used by all big companies such as McDonald's, Sprint, etc. This platform has an automation feature for interactions. This helps in increasing the number of followers organically.


This is the first platform with advanced machine learning algorithms to engage customers with like, share and follow actions. It can create a profile of ideal customers and manage your interactions with that. The algorithms of this tool have been proven to generate results that are long term. Users have the high ratio of following your company’s business account with the help of this social media tool.


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Are you exhausted from managing pages for different types of clients? Sendible is a fantastic tool for you. It has a great user interface with different inboxes for different brands. All of them in the same user interface. This makes managing pages an easy affair. This platform also gives content engine that suggests new materials and inspirations for the topic of your choice.


Communication among the marketing team is streamlined as a result of using this social media tool.


This tool also has interactive calendars that enable you to schedule content for a month at the beginning itself. This tool makes teamwork easier and helps improve collaboration among departments.




On social media, quality speaks volumes. If you upload a poor-quality post, you have the risk of users unfollowing you. Unsplash helps you to give high-quality content and images in an easy way. The advantage of this platform is that it has millions of watermark free images ready to use, all of them are of high-quality.


It also comes with a search engine so you can type in text such as morning coffee, inspirational pics, etc. it would give you exactly what you want in an instant. This is a must-have tool for graphic designers who need inspiration. There is flexibility in the platform to download the image and edit it for your use. Anyone can create high-quality images if they have unsplash.




It is very much clear that photos and videos are the future of social media. Marketing teams are under pressure to develop cutting-edge graphics in the minimum possible time. Canva is open source and has an impressive collection of pictures, templates, design tools, tutorials that enable anyone to create the best graphic designs.


This is helpful for freelance marketers, especially who have a lower budget for their social media campaigns. With Canva, even a small marketing team can create stunning graphics and imagery and command a large following. These features are specifically designed for Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, etc.


Admit it that no one can create amazing content on their own for a long time. It is an incredibly taxing thing to have creative energy sapped out. They may feel at a loss to create unique content every single day. can be of help. It has advanced data analytics algorithms and high-quality publishing and scheduling tools.


This platform ensures that brands can provide differentiated content that is of good quality. It has compatibility with more than 20 social media platforms making it omnipresent. It can manage discussions about the brand, analyze interactions in the social media to gain perceptions. This tool also provides suggestions to increase audience engagement.




On Instagram, consumers often post pics along with the products they use. This is a good marketing idea for the brands to identify these posts and then share them with the broad community. This also increases brand loyalty.


Yotpo is a social media tool that makes this a reality. It has social curation feature that collects posts that are relevant to the brand and lists them on the front page. It enables businesses to ask permission from these customers to share their image. All of them are conducted seamlessly.


What are the benefits of using these tools?


Social platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc. enables businesses to target customers and efficiently conduct marketing campaigns. It allows them to get better customer insights about what they think about a particular product or service. If you are a social media marketer, getting accustomed to social media tools can increase the intelligent use of data to create tailor-made programs. Getting your story to reach millions of people have never been easier. With carefully designed incentives, it is possible to create viral marketing campaigns spreading the message about your product like wildfire.


As more and more marketers get into social media for advertising, use of social media tools proves absolutely vital. It can give the competitive advantage compared to your competitors. The awareness about the benefits of using social media tools has spun the development of multiple tools that claim to be the best. As a social media marketer, you are spoilt for choice. An excellent social media tool enables you to keep up with the social engagement with customers across multiple platforms seamlessly. It is crucial as customers are taking to social media to voice their feedback - both positive and negative. They expect the company to be present online 24X7 to respond to their queries, product issues, etc.


Having a right social media tool can help in maintaining social accountability of employees within an organization. A smart social media tool reduces the risk of uploading inappropriate content by adding extra layers of security and authorization within the organization. It also helps in tracking who’s posting what and have complete control over the brand’s image. Even social media tools are excellent data analytics tools that give you information about how many shares, likes, retweets your post has received. All in all, having a social media tool is a must for social media marketers, and you can find the top tools available in the market from this blog.


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