Sony’s 10” E-paper Digital Tablet Is Full Of Features For Business People


Currently, the world is changing toward using the digital system to do every work. Most of us read news, articles, discussions, etc. using social media or any other online platforms. We can get any information we need on the internet. That is why the paper book industry will be a thing of history soon.


There is awareness spreading to lower the use of paper and save trees. Some of us prefer to use paper books while most of the youngster want the content of that book.  They don’t care about even if the books are in physical form or digital form.


Who likes the burden of books on their shoulders? Some books are substantial, and it is not easy to carry them around. I prefer to carry as fewer paper books as possible. Most of the useful content is available in the form of PDFs, so why there is a need for carrying books around?


In recent years, many publishers started providing e-book versions of popular books. So, there has been growth in the e-book industry. The most popular format for the digital reading material is PDF. Not just books, tutorials, newspapers, research papers, reports, etc. are available in the form of PDFs.


There is a big market available on the internet for e-books. Some big tech companies have seen the opportunity there and started launching products. Amazon revealed Kindle Paperwhite some years ago. The product was popular among book readers. Now, Sony is also not behind in this race.


Sony announced their first E-ink reader Digital Paper Tablet in late 2016. The device is having a screen resolution of 1200x1600 pixels. The size of the screen is 13.3 inches. In the CPU side, there is an ARM Cortex-A8  clocked at 1Ghz. The internal storage size is 4GB. The device has a micro SD card support to expand memory. The weight of the DPT S1 is 358g and is 6.8mm thick. The product is meant for business class people. The original price at the time of launch was $1100 USD. But after some time they reduced the price to $700 USD. 


Later on, Sony released its successor DPT-RP1 in 2017 and DPT-CP1 in April 2018. In this article, I am going to talk about DPT-CP1. The DPT-RP1 was also having a screen size of 13.3 inches, and It was big enough, and some people reviewed that it was not easy to carry it around most of the time. The device was uncomfortable to hold in hand. So, Sony decided to launch a smaller version of DPT in the form of DPT-CP1.




The DPT-CP1 has 10.3 inches screen size. The display is a capacitive touchscreen. Electrophoretic display technology is used to make the display. The screen resolution is 1404x1872 dots and to be specific for the general term, the resolution is 1024x768. The device is capable of taking pen inputs.


The device is pretty light compared to other models. Sony had definitely made improvements in this section. The weight of the device is 240g. The dimension of the device is 243.5mm x 174.12mm x 5.9 mm.


In the storage section, the device comes with 16GB of internal memory. Out of 16GB internal memory, almost 5GB of memory is provided for operating system and features. 11GB of memory is given to the user for storage of digital material.


There is nothing proper information given about CPU or ram. But according to Sony’s official website, the device comes with Intel’s Core 2 Duo or a greater version of CPU.  The company claims that the device comes with more than 2GB RAM.


There are multiple operating systems supported by the device. You can either choose one form different versions of Windows 10, Windows 8.1, Windows 7 and macOS. You can also select system architecture whether if you want a 32-bit operating system or 64 bit.


The battery is Build-in rechargeable. It takes 3.5 hours approx to charge it fully. There are several methods listed on the official website for charging procedure and also charging time is mentioned for different modes. The company claims 3 weeks of battery life on a single charge.


The device is also capable of internet connectivity. The device comes with Bluetooth 4 .2 technology to share files nearby. Wifi is also available in this device. Wifi supports dual-band channels. You can even connect it to a computer with the help of USB cable.


In the box, There is a stylus provide as an extra feature. The stylus also has a built-in battery. The company claims that the battery of the stylus will last up to 1 month on a single charge. Also, the charging time for the stylus is approximated about 3 hours.


You will get some paper documents, warranty card, USB cable, Tip puller, stylus with some stylus tips in the box.




The paper tablet is built to work on PDFs. You can edit PDFs with the help of the stylus. The stylus tracking mechanism is optimized for responsive writing. There is a very low amount of input delay between the tablet and the stylus.


The display of the device is glare-free which is suitable for comfortable reading. You can read on this device in indoor and outdoor conditions and there will be no reflection on the screen of this device.

There is a quick search feature provided for searching your favorite material.


A Digital Paper desktop app is built for this device. You can easily share and sync your material with PC and cloud storage. You can use it as a digital prints holder also. You just have to print the document and select this device in your printing device menu and it will save your prints digitally.


Sony made an android and iOS app for the paper tablet. The app provides services to share your documents with your smartphone wirelessly. On the security side, the device uses AES 128 encryption technique. You can also protect your material with the help of password protection feature. The device has some cool new features that are currently not available in the similar type of products.




The price of this e-paper tablet starts at $599.99 USD.  Sony also provided cool accessories for the device if you are willing to pay more. You can buy the stylus, cover, adapter, etc. on their official website.

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