Six Factors To Focus On Having A Successful Startup


We humans always believed in a quote, “every problem has a solution”. This is the reason why we have come across a long way from Stone Age to the Tech Age. We have gadgets, services available to solve our problems now. A startup idea is an idea to solve a particular problem.



Succeeding in startups is not easy. People have to face many complexities before getting success or failure. Even though the plan is a problem solver, few people fail to deliver because of no proper strategy. Develop a plan, maintain commitment, be focused, release prototypes and do marketing for a better chance of success.



The idea may be to provide services or to develop a gadget to solve problems. A startup is considered successful if it gives the solution as promised. Not all startups will become successful. The below mentioned are the few things to do to be successful, and they are as follows:



  1. A Business Plan

You have faced or came across a problem and got an idea to fix it. Fine, it is not recommended to jump into development before making a business plan. The plan includes everything like investment, manufacturing costs, marketing and plan to gain profits, etc.


A business plan must be a representation of work in the form of phases. Each phase covers different actions and will give clarity to people working on it. Discussing every point and plan in this step is essential. The business plan is just like a foundation before building a home.



  1. Motivated Team

I think you have come across this statement, “surround yourself with hard-working people, and you will achieve greatness”. Unknowingly, we become influenced by the behavior of our friends. A motivated team will make you work 15 hours a day for your dream.


A startup requires a lot of work. People that join are motivated on their own, having the same interest which plays a vital role in the success of their startup.


Stay far away from people who discourage you by saying that the idea will not be successful. A problem-solving idea is a success if everything is executed as per plan.  



  1. Commitment

People these days want everything quick. Prepare your mindset that startups will take time to settle. It may take 6 months, 1 year, 3 years or 5 years before generating revenue. Hurdles like family problems, work tensions, thoughts of disbelief, negative people and many others will come your way.


At some point, a doubt originates in your mind as “whether it works or am I wasting my time?” Be confident and committed towards the work and you will taste success.



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  1. Observe The Market

If you can remember, I mentioned that it is not right to change the business plan after designing it. But based on market conditions, we can modify it, if needed.


For example, you are trying to make some gadgets related to the smartphone market. So, first observe the market on a regular basis. All the information is available on the internet. There may be chances a product with the same idea may get released before yours. Everything is not in our hands. If it gets released, you have the chance to observe its specifications.


Based on the study, you can upgrade and add more specs to your gadget to make it successful. This applies to all sectors, which means people can focus on their respective targeted markets by doing this.       



  1. Prototype

A prototype is a working model of the idea but is released to a small group of people to know the feedback and reviews. Bugs, unexpected warnings, failures, etc. will get to your notice which can be fixed before the grand release. 


Take the example of a software or an app, people use it and provide their feedback. We can know if User interface (UI) is tough or easy to use. We can also ask their opinions regarding any upgrades to do which makes it more useful. A lot of useful information can be acquired by releasing the prototype.  



  1. Marketing

After all, people do jobs for money by providing their services or products. The same is your aim by starting your own venture. But, the concern is how it can be a success if people do not know anything about it?


Marketing comes to your rescue at this stage. A perfectly planned marketing strategy will make thousands and even lakhs of people know about your startups. Now that they know, interested people will approach when the startup gets launched in the market officially.


Marketing single-handedly cannot bring revenue. People need to know how the service or product will be useful for them.  Thus the marketing team has to strategize the plan accordingly.




Overnight success is not a thing anymore. Try to look into the problems and provide solutions for them takes you to the next level, more closer to success. To make your idea a huge success, don't neglect the above-mentioned factors.

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