REVEALED: Coolest AR and VR Gadgets of 2018


Although it will be quite some time before the majority of the world embraces headsets that can transport them entirely and almost literally to other worlds, Virtual and Augmented reality are hands – down the coolest thing happening right now.

Every year Virtual and Augmented Reality is progressing albeit bit by bit to roll out new gadgets, apps, and other goodies to mesmerize the geeky shoppers over and over again. These include gadgets that can bring all the characters of your favorite book to life and even headsets that can take you to a virtual location to spend a vacation there!

To begin with, let us see what new exciting things are in store for this year and which of them should we look forward to more!




Virtual Reality requires excellent computer graphics and RAM to render. On a broader scale, the VR Headsets available in the market can be categorized into two, one, those which have to be plugged to a computer and the other, which can run by connecting with a smartphone.  

The trend is set to change in 2018 as Oculus revealed plans for launching the first stand-alone VR headset in the market. The headsets starting price will be from $199 have inbuilt position tracking features that give it the power to operate independently. After Oculus, even HTC is set to follow the path by releasing a model called the Vive Focus priced at $600. Note that these models are not yet sold worldwide; the former is available only in the US while the latter has been made just for the Chinese markets so far.




When virtual reality was first launched, everyone had imagined that Google Earth is going to be amazing. Yes, indeed it is! With VR, you no longer have to see different places by dragging the cursor, but you can view them like a flying eagle! Even if you cannot fly over all the areas, you can choose specific places from the menu and visit global landmarks like the Pyramids and the Statue of Liberty. The best thing is that it's absolutely free of cost!




Imagine if you could watch YouTube, Netflix, and Hotstar using VR? The experience is like having your own IMAX theatre right at the place where you are seated without spending a penny on the madly – prized tickets and the popcorn!



Little Star VR Cinema brings the most powerful form of video – viewing yet, offering 360 degrees visuals of the video makes you feel like a cameraman. Whether you want to educate yourself on something or be a part of the thrilling action in a movie sequence, Little Star VR Cinema has got it all!




Has the ocean mesmerized you and left you wondering? Although the ocean maybe terrifying but yet it is a wondrous place, and now, you can freely roam in it without the fear of being eaten of course!


Ocean Rift is a one of a kind VR game available for Oculus VR and Samsung VR which offers 12 open habitats to explore. It includes life-sized sharks, fishes, and realistic flowing water. The deeper you go, the more dangerous species you will encounter. This makes it one of the best VR apps to look forward to in 2018.




Yes, it is possible! With the latest addition to the simulator games by Owlchemy labs, Vacation Simulator looks enables you to spend your vacation on the beach by munching on hot dogs and roaming around the virtual island with no real mission. It is currently available for the PlayStation, HTC Vive, and the Oculus VR Headsets.




Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality are vastly different although both of them are making news at the same time. Virtual Reality is used to create simulated environments as in the case of games while Augmented Reality induces digital information over an image.


A Florida Based Startup, Magic Leap One launched in 2017 is set to begin shipping its AR headsets in 2018. It beats the other existing players in the market by altering the design to match a more steampunk look while improving the comfort of wear.




Back in 2016, Pokemon Go gripped the world and made it run around in madness, literally! On the hindsight, that was the first time the general public was experiencing augmented reality come down to smartphones.


Inspired by the success of that franchise, the company, Niantic has a bigger goal: to address the fans of Harry Potter by creating an even better-augmented reality game. It is expected that the players of this game will be able to venture into virtual magical worlds, collecting orbs and defeating monsters.




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Ready Player One, the game is based on the best-selling Science Fiction novel by Ernest Cline where a teenager ventures out into a world with the aim of finding a treasure. As predicted by the concept, the game promises to be visually stunning with rich imagery and next level settings.


The award-winning Steven Spielberg directs the concept, and it is tipped to be an action – filled movie that can take users to a different world altogether even without a VR headset.




The first thing you would expect AR to enable you is to draw anywhere crazily and bring your creations to life. Google is doing just that with ARCore creation which takes Doodles to the next level. You can draw anything onto the image, capture it as a video and share it with your friends!




Furniture giant IKEA is known to embrace new technology by implementing them quickly in their stores and products. The IKEA Place App solves a significant problem with regards to purchasing new furniture by enabling users to visualize them in their own homes. Users can scan their homes and select the furniture design, drag and place them. As simple as that!





As the year moves ahead, get ready to witness new heights in technology, and what at one time was only imagination, VR and AR are making it come to reality. This makes them the most exciting things. They are still scratching on the surface and every day, are finding out unique ways to make our learning and entertainment more immersive and real.

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