Monster Hunting - Update Brought by PUBG Mobile


PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds (PUBG) is an online multiplayer battle royale game that has captured the interest of gamers all over the world. Battle Royale game means the concept of “all against all” in which the players are pitted against one another. 100 million people have downloaded PUBG mobile game. This massively multiplayer online game has proved to be a big hit in the gaming world.  


For the upcoming new year, PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds (PUBG) mobile has been planning a new game mode for celebrating the forthcoming Chinese new year. Specific game modes like this are designed to engage players in playing the game for longer periods of time. This will prevent the attrition rate of the players and helps increase retention. As per the official information from the app developer, the new mode will have “Monster hunting” in which players can slay monsters and dragons. This is in special commemoration of the beginning of Chinese new year. The app developers are excited to announce this new mode to the players in 2019.


This new mode has been deployed to Chinese gamers through the servers in China. Gamers can test this mode. The unique feature is that the “Monster Hunting” mode will have new designs based on mythical creatures, exotic locations, and monsters. In this way, the gameplay is different from that of the normal mode played by the games till now.


What to expect in the new “Monster hunting” mode?

In this new gameplay, players are required to hunt for monsters to gain weapons and other forms of loot. They can do this activity alone or in teams. The monsters that will be present are mythical monsters that come from Chinese culture. The locations are also modeled on the basis of Chinese towns. To activate the mode, you need to turn the setting on for monster hunting mode in the map. You can explore the Chinese lands and artistic forms through the play mode.


This new monster-hunting mode is released in the PUBG update 0.13.0. It is important to note that it is a beta version so there may be little snags here and there. Since it is a limited release of the game, only a few have been able to play this game mode. This has led to disappointment among the fan base. The company has told that if more users love this game mode, then it can be released to a wider set of audiences all over the world. We need to see how popular this game mode will get in future.


There is also something special for players who are not located in China. PUBG announced that it would release a new mode called “Zombie mode.” The good news is that the zombie mode will be available in the next release of the PUBG mobile game. This release is expected around the end of January. The additional features in this mode include the availability of new weapons, costumes, and vehicles for hardcore gamers.



The earlier release of PUBG 0.10.5 had some technical snags and matching issues. Other issues include the absence of G36C weapon and Vikendi night mode. The new PUBG update will sort out these issues and bring a new submachine gun called PP-19 Bizon, Tukshai - a new vehicle and MK47 Mutant assault rifle.

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