Microsoft Is Working On ‘Movies and TV’ App For Android & iOS


Microsoft Is Working On ‘Movies and TV’ App For Android & iOS


All of us watch watches movies, shows, and songs on video streaming services like Netflix or Amazon prime video. Platforms like Netflix, Hotstar and Amazon Prime Video has gained more growth after the internet revolution happened in India. Old days are gone when you have to watch your favorite movie or serial only on TV.


Youtube has gained double of numbers of users after internet prices went down. Internet users in India are also ready to willing to pay for watching whatever they like. There is a huge potential for digital video platforms.


There was a report suggesting that Microsoft is also not behind in this race. Microsoft has a big windows store for applications and stuff. Microsoft has already launched Edge browser, Microsoft Launcher and the Microsoft office version for both Android and iOS devices. Their voice assistant Cortana is also available for these platforms.


The report included that


Microsoft is working on a project to launch its ‘Movies & TV’ service to mobile devices for Android and iOS.



Microsoft has already launched Movies & TV for Windows 10 PCs, Xbox and Windows 10 Mobile.


Microsoft is putting together a platform where users can buy movies and TV shows on windows store and get that content directly on their mobile devices also. That means you didn't have to buy or rent shows for different devices. A single Microsoft account will be enough for multiple devices.


This is a huge beneficiary step for content creators who are currently working with Microsoft’s Movies & TV’. The number of Android users is vast as compared to Windows users. So, this platform can easily get more users than it has before.


In 2017, Microsoft turned off its projects for Windows 10 mobile devices. Microsoft also killed its Groove Music service and started a partnership with Spotify. Many people thought that Microsoft might also kill ‘Movies and TV’. But thankfully this did not happen.


There are many benefits included for users as well as for platform. Android is a platform where many mobile applications also work very good with Android TV. Users do not have to download multiple different version of the application for Android mobile and Android TV.


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Microsoft is also planning to join the Movies Anywhere Program. Movies Anywhere Program has the primary goal to gather user's content on a single platform. That means if you buy a Movie or Tv show on different platforms like Netflix, iTunes, Amazon, etc. You can gather all your purchased content on a single platform called Movies Anywhere.


Gathering Movies and TV on a single platform will give users more reasons to use it. Microsoft is currently working on this project. There is no official date announced for the launch of this service. But we can hope that this service will arrive soon.


What's In It For Us?


As a user, this service will give us another platform for watching our favorite movies and TV shows. There is an already fierce competition between Amazon Prime Videos and Netflix. Let’s see what will happen after the launch of Microsoft’s ‘Movies and TV.’

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