Last Chance To Participate In The Asian Tournament 2019


PUBG Mobile is a sensation and has recently crossed more than 200 million downloads. More than 35 million players are active, and the count is rising. It is a fun and competitive battle Royale game where you can play with your friends to get chicken dinner.

Tencent games have been conducting tournaments all around the globe. However, this time, the tournament is hosted in Asia. Players will compete in Asian servers in levels, and final winners will get lots of money and cool gifts. The details are elaborated below.


About the tournament

We know that PUBG and PUBG Mobile are two different variants of the game. First one is for PC, and later one is for smartphones. It’s been more than a year since PUBG PC version has released onto steam. It has broken all records by selling 50 million copies and having millions of active users per day.

They have been conducting tournaments at regular intervals. Now it’s the turn of PUBG Mobile. Previously, competitions were conducted in Dubai, and attractive cash prizes were awarded for winners. Now PUBG Mobile Asian tournament 2019 in sponsorship with Oppo is the talk of the town.

Registration is free and easy. Any player above level 20 can register for participation. Click Here For More Detail. There will be a total of 2 rounds before being picked for grand finals. The first round will be in between January 21 to January 27 of the year 2019 wherein, you have to play with your registered squad in Erangel. Among 15 matches played, top 10 matches with better statistics will be picked from each team.

On this basis, 2000 teams will be selected from the initial round. The second round of playoffs will be conducted from February 10 to February 24 of 2019. From the 2000 teams, top 20 teams will be picked considering various factors like survival rate, number of kills, points, etc.

Those 20 teams will head on for the glorious chicken dinner at the grand finale in March. Exact dates are yet to be announced.


What Are The Rules?

The game should be of the latest version at the time of playing the tournament. Rules of this competition are really simple. Players during the initial and second rounds of the tournament should not use emulators, third-party applications or hacks.

If a player gets disconnected due to network or any other issues and unable to join a match, a team should continue without that player. For more information on rules, check their official site.


Prize Details

After all qualifier rounds get complete, 20 teams are finalized for the grand finale. Winner will get 30 lakhs, runner up team gets 10 lakhs and so on. All 20 teams will get prize money of at least 50 thousand.

Adding to this, there are prizes for individual performances like MVP, Redeemer, Lone Ranger, etc. Players who receive these categories will receive 50,000 each. Oppo phones are also given away under various categories. Check the site for more details.



It is the skill that matters in PUBG mobile. Registrations are free. There are no hectic schedules where you have to play at a particular time. You can give a shot on the tournament. Who knows, you may win whole tournament and cash in prize money with your friends. Good luck.

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