Lag Task Force Team - PUBG Updates


Recently, an issue had been resolved in the game, PUBG, which was causing lag in the game. The game would pause for a second or more; The developers had to put on with the issue immediately using the data provided by the players and fixed it. They described it as the "Lag Task Force Team."


Being a complex game that runs on all the devices throughout the world and all the networks, the issue hindered the users to enjoy playing the game. They even surveyed the issue through Google forms. They had received an incredible response and feedback. It has been further added that the same issue will be updated in the game that will be coming in January. The survey lasted till 7th January 2019. Tencent investigated it.


It had been rumored that the new and updated game would be having new weapons, Zombie Mode, dynamic weather, vehicles, and maps too. They may provide voice option as the Classic Voices in the update PUBG Mobile 0.10.5. Though there are fewer details, it may be an interesting one. It is expected to have an official announcement from Tencent. There have been pictures of Tencent and Capcom in Dubai where they announced their collaboration with Resident Evil 2. So it is expected to see some Resident Evil skins in PUBG mobile.


Another possibility is to find zombies in the maps too. The release date of Resident Evil 2 has been scheduled for 25th January 2019 for Xbox One, PS4 and Windows Pc. So, the collaboration may last long. The game is developed by PUBG Corporation, it is a Battle Royale Game played online amongst multiple players at a time. It allows a hundred players in a parachute to an island and searches for the weapons and equipment. Using the weapons and equipment they find, they kill others without getting killed themselves. They have to be in the available safe area as it can be seen in the game’s map. Finally, the surviving players are directed to smaller areas for an encounter, and the last player or the team that survives wins the round.


It was noted that about 30,000,000 people had played the game each day. The lag issue depends on multiple things such as the performance of one’ s device and more. So, the company had surveyed to make sure where the issue lied. The problem had been all over the news as the players regularly reported the issue. The game has been so popular that its revenue generation is unbelievable. For the record, it generated $1 Billion in 2018. This surpassed the other popular game such as GTA V, FIFA  18, etc. PUBG Mobile has influenced a lot of players and become a trend amongst all. According to research by SuperData, PUBG has been noted as the highest earning battle game. It was not so popular in 2017 when Fortnite was at the peak. But then, there was a sudden increase of 19 %. They had a record of 3 million users. The game summed up as the most played and the top-selling game of 2018.


The game had earned more than $32.5 million in November 2018. The game has been more popular in countries like China and India. Currently, it has more than 200 million users. Thus, the game has a significant influence and has crossed many of the favorite games.

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