How can the use of video marketing enhance your business effectively?


Gone are those days of advertising with photos, texts, and audios. Video marketing has taken up the role of annoying advertorials. Unless one has spent 10 years in a dense forest with no gadgets, he will be well aware of the craze of video marketing among wise advertisers. It has taken the business to a whole new level. Today, every single soul owns a smartphone, and with the advent of new applications, every active advertiser is well aware of the importance of video in digital marketing to enhance their business efficiently.


Here are few pointers for you to understand it in a better way:


Focus on Great Content


Surveys have shown that people don’t spend more than 10 seconds on a particular video advertisement and the advertiser should make the proper use of this valuable 10 seconds. They can use it to show their customer a totally improvised video with super useful content focusing more on their story, rather than sales. A business video should not appear to be too ‘salesy'.


The effectiveness of video is immense. On a biological note, most information transmitted to our brain is visual. Thus, if pictures can boost engagement massively, then stop and imagine what moving pictures can do to your business!



Increases Traffic  


In today's time, social media is having a significant impact on almost everything and especially on businesses. Instagram and Facebook video marketing is the primary target of marketers since these social media platforms are more appealing to the customers. Since the number of mobile and social media, users are mushrooming day by day marketing can be super easy with a little investment. In short:



  • The online video definitely increases website visits and traffic growth.
  • Video marketing drives conversions, generates repeated viewings and also shares among social media.


Great Benefits With Little Investment


Investing in video marketing is a bit expensive especially for new and lesser-known brands and businesses, but this small investment can prove to be very promising and beneficial for the better future of the company. When you understand the importance of video in digital marketing, investment decisions would be less stressful. Best-in-class marketers use video management platforms that enable them to implement metrics and measure the effectiveness of every video and viewers' interactions.


Online video platforms with trustworthy analytics enable the marketers to compare their expectations against the real results of their video, and they can optimize and improvise their content accordingly.



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Enhances Engagement


A video is now a versatile and profitable digital marketing tool that generates up to 10 times more shares than text and images combined together. This means the marketers can get tons of engagement by investing in simple, short and content-worthy business videos.



Improves Search Engine Ranking


Another noteworthy point is that data privacy and tools like Google AdSense helps to boost the video marketing strategy. Google copies all our actions and permission grants to various applications that we install; it also has access to our search histories. Although it seems to be ‘trespassing our privacy,' still in case of video marketers, it’s a decisive point. Google copies our searches and sells it to e-commerce sites that use this information to know the needs of the customers. Apparently, no advertiser and viewer would like to waste his/her time in viewing inappropriate ads which are not even useful.


So in the field of marketing, they target the buyer’s needs and show the required advertisements automatically on their web pages without even searching on the part of customers.



Builds Trusted Relationships


A video is an excellent marketing tool that can help attract leads, convert viewers into potential buyers, and boost online sales. Video gives the buyers an insight into the business or company and builds trusted relationships with the viewers who ultimately turn into buyers. It is the content that really matters which should explain the product and attract customers.


Let’s Help You With Some Numbers


Here are some statistics that will definitely help you understand the importance of video in digital marketing, according to the news shared by Hub Spot:


  • A video is projected to claim more than 80% of all web traffic by 2019.


  • Using a video for your email marketing can easily increase your click rate by 200-300%.


  • Video increases the rate of conversion by 80 percent.


  • More than 90 percent users have stated that the product videos are quite helpful in their decision making.


  • More than 87 percent marketers are using videos for their online marketing and have also included them in their strategies.


  • 58% of the people who are responsible for taking company decision appreciate watching a video instead of reading a blog or article.


Interactive video marketing strategies even engage the laziest buyers, and so, a creative video should appeal to both ears and eyes of the viewers to convert them into potential buyers. Video marketing can work wonders if used productively and you reap the benefits while the video plays directing the customers to your business.

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