Hottest Couple Destinations By Celebrities For 2018


Hey everyone, we are here again talking about couple destinations of 2018. Yes! Couple destinations are one of the goals that every couple dreams of. It is the time where you have all sorts of fun whether walking on the beach, deep diving, visits to historical sites, camel rides in the deserts, and much more.


Spending time with your loved one is a time well spent, and won’t you want it to be at some of the best destinations? Well, gather around folks, because we have the hottest destinations by top celebrities. Without further ado, let’s have a look at them.


Sri Lanka


Sri Lanka is an excellent destination according to Louise Thompson. It is a tropical island and is one of the best places with the best nature view one could ever see. Thompson posted many pictures of herself with tanned, perfectly toned, bikini pictures. Well, when one is having fun, why wouldn’t they show off to the world?    


Sri Lanka plans to double its tourists by 2020. It is mostly targeting celebrities and all other rich people out there. It aims to gain 5 million tourists in the next two years. Would you like to get a tanned body this summer at the beach?




The country where C. Ronaldo or CR7 was born. It has different sites where you can enjoy your time and never regret spending your money and time with your beloved one.TV stars  Holly Willoughby and Philip Schofield recorded their great time on Snapchat, and showed the world how to have fun in Portugal! These two were the best travelers and wanderlust, one could think of.


Portugal has a record-breaking year in 2017 where their tourism grew exponentially. What did they love? They loved the quality, and organic food, the best wines, and the security. Portugal is an exceptional country with the best destinations that anyone can go to. It isn’t crowded, and you have an enormous amount of fun being a photographer and a writer. Go on a holiday with your one and only!






Morocco is a country quite reputed and well-known for its architecture. It is known for the best geometrical interiors at mosques, restaurants, and historical sites. Louise Redknapp was stunned by the beauty and elegance of Morocco. She certainly loved Marrakech, and it had the most stupendous and gorgeous looking mosaic tiles and carpets.


Morocco saw an increase in tourists by 13% in the first eight months of 2017 with 8 million visitors. Marrakech opened a Yves Saint Laurent Museum in October thus attracting more tourists. Pack your bags and enjoy the unexplainable architecture, designs of handmade pottery and carpets. You could take great pictures if you got the best camera and photography skills. Enjoy great photographs with your loved one.




If you love the warm weather with sand everywhere, why not visit Egypt? Yes! Desserts and camel riding with the best Egyptian clothing. Wow! That is an actual couple goal. The Kardashian clan made their way to Egypt and had a blast! Kardashians the fan of selfies, and the pictures had the best pictures taken of the desert, the camels, and of course, the Pyramids.


Egypt has known for its desert, camel rides, architecture, and archeology. And it has plans to open up an archeological museum this year. It is aiming to attract more tourists, this year thus increasing their revenue from last year. Why don’t you fly to Egypt and take the best advantage of the archeology, desert, and the pyramids? The food is excellent, the weather is terrific. Great excuse to go on a trip with your loved one!


Don't wait, book your tickets now and enjoy these hottest destinations suggested by your favorite celebs.

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