Google I/O 2018 - Day 2 & 3 highlights


Google I/O 2018 Day 2 kicked off with an introduction to chrome. It has been the major highlight of Day 2. We will share the important updates about Google Chrome in this article


Auto-Completion in Gmail


The application of AI has not been only in Android. It has extended to Gmail too. This has created Smart Compose that finish sentences while typing. It will save an incredible amount of time for users and helps them become more productive. Email payments option has extended to iOS app also.


Internet Of Things


Security remains a constant problem with IoT devices. These devices come with default usernames and passwords and are often difficult to update. Google has introduced Android things 1.0 that has inbuilt security. The OS is closed source and cannot be tinkered by developers. It is a pretty basic OS and has been designed to run one at a time.


Google News


Google News has new personalized features giving complete stories about news based on user search history. It has AI deployed into Google News also. Full coverage provides the user with a more in-depth view of a particular story by giving various links for the same subject including fact-checking and news stories from various other publications. This feature will get launched over the next week for Android and iOS users.


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AI in Medicine


AI from Google can predict whether a person will get a heart attack or stroke just by looking at their retina. For implementing this application, Google has partnered with Stanford Medicine and the University of Chicago, Medicine. Now doctors can look at data and predict the incidence of diseases before it occurs in patients.


Android Slices


Google developers can create interactive experiences for their apps with Android Slices. It enables developers to show a portion of their apps right in the Google searches. Better even, it lets users use the app, e.g. booking a car directly from their search results.


App Prediction


Android P now has intelligence that predicts which app the user is going to open with the help of AI. This is used to accelerate navigation, improve task completion and discovery of app content.


Do-It-Yourself Artificial Intelligence


Google has introduced AIY kits which includes various hardware and software tools along with showcasing on-device artificial intelligence, in short, it's a series of open source projects. With AIY Kits, users can use artificial intelligence to make human-to-machine interaction more like human-to-human interactions.


Improved Web Performance


Google has analyzed how different websites perform and has created techniques to make them fast. The Web performance made easy talk by Eva, and Addy Osmani has shown how to fix web performance bottlenecks and improve loading performance.




Flutter is a customizable mobile application framework that enables the creation of beautiful user interface elements. Coupled with material design, this has given a better user interface design for businesses keeping their brand identity intact in mobile.


Wrapping Up


That’s all the updates from Google I/O 2018. We hope that you enjoyed the new upcoming innovations from Google. These features will be launching within a few months giving users great control and usability of Google apps.

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