Flipkart Launched 2GUD Platform To Enter The Market of Used Products


Recently, Flipkart has been in the news for quite some time. Flipkart bought eBay India last year, Wallmart now owns more than 70% part of Flipkart, and much more story has been published about Flipkart.


India is a huge market for old and used products. That is why platforms like OLX and Quikr are successful. It is being said that the current market for second-hand products in India is worth more than $17 billion.


Flipkart has now decided to gain a position in the second-hand market. As a part of this process, Flipkart revealed a new platform that sells refurbished products on August 22. The platform is named 2GUD.


This is an online e-commerce platform just like Flipkart itself, but the only difference is that this platform only sells refurbished products. It is being said that the second-hand market of India is estimated to worth more than $20 billion. So this is a chance taken by Flipkart to become a pioneer in second-hand product’s market.


Mobile phones and other electronic devices have a big second-hand market in India. Flipkart has considered this fact as a part of their new platform. The 2GUD platform is already live. Although, currently a mobile site is available only. Flipkart will soon launch a mobile app and desktop version website for the 2GUD platform.


It looks like the primary focus of this platform is to give priority to used electronics products. The platform is initially focusing on electronics products such as mobiles, laptops, smart watches, tablets and other electronics accessories. It is written on their website that they are going to add more than 400 categories soon.


Flipkart had recently acquired F1 Info solutions. This company provides services for repairing mobile phones. 2GUD is going to work with F1 Info Solutions for repairing and quality checking process. All the mobile phones sold on 2GUD will be tested and repaired by F1 Info Solutions.


Every new platform faces difficulties in gaining the trust of users. However, there is a big name of Flipkart is attached with 2GUD.  Still, it is not easy to gain the trust of users if you are selling second-hand products. That is why they have provided information about the term ‘refurbished’.


  • The website of 2GUD claims that their products are certified and graded by professionals. The company’s professionals will test the products and based on the condition the products will be graded in various categories such as good, very good and superb.   


  • The platform will sell devices based on their quality and grades. The devices will cost between 50 to 80% of the original MRP. Grades will be the main factors for considering the price.  The 2GUD platform will work independently from Flipkart. All the services provided by2GUD will be separate from Flipkart. The platform will have its own supply chain.


  • The company also provides warranty for refurbished products. The warrant may vary from 3 to 12 months depending on the product. Just like other e-commerce platforms, this platform also offers a 10-Day return policy.



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They are going to add new popular categories on the platform. They might include clothing, books, furniture and many more. It is rumored that they will also include a category for used vehicles. If they manage to make this happens, this platform is certainly going to rule the second-hand market. Until then, let us see how this platform will affect the refurbished market.

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