Facebook & Instagram Now Let's You Monitor Your Social Media Usage


We all want to know what our friends and known ones are posting on social media. Nowadays, popular social media platforms like Facebook and Instagram are used by millions of users on a daily basis. You may have even noticed that these platforms are so interesting that sometimes you don't want to close the app.


Facebook and Instagram, both the platforms are in the top position and improving every day.


Everyone on Facebook spends their time liking post, commenting, sharing, messaging and so on. Instagram is not far behind Facebook. Facebook owns Instagram, so the features like stories and messaging and many more are similar. The list of the features and services provided by these two platforms are enormous.


There is a lot of competition between social media platforms because of the increase in user base, especially the youth. Young users are always eager to try out new features. If a platform provides a new useful feature that no other social media platform has, then the users like to get their hands on that feature. Thus, all the major social media platform are trying to add more features day by day.


Instagram has increased the list of features recently. Instagram recently launched IGTV to compete with YouTube. Facebook has also added some new features like stories, live feed, some new signs to react and many more.


These platforms are so popular and exciting that sometimes users forget about time and keep using them. Some people are using them all day because they have grown a habit of doing that. Many reports are confirming that many people feel mental illness after spending so much time on Facebook and Instagram. Some people reported that they feel loneliness, anxiety, depression, lack of sleep, amnesia after using Facebook for a long time.


The Time Monitoring Tool


"Thankfully, Facebook and Instagram have shown interest in taking care of their users. On this Wednesday, 1st August, Facebook and Instagram have started rolling out a new feature that will let users see how much time they spend on their platforms. These features are currently available for mobile applications of Facebook and Instagram"


This new feature displays information about the use of these two mobile apps on the daily and weekly basis. Users can monitor how much time they spend daily and weekly on Facebook app and Instagram app. You can set your daily use limit on these apps and once you hit the time limit, the app will notify you. This will give you a facility to monitor your usage of these apps, and will help you to set your routine to use these apps.




These new features are currently accessible for mobile apps only and aren't available for desktop versions of Facebook and Instagram. These features are app specific for each device. So if you are using the same account in two different devices, you will be able to see device specific results. So you have to calculate the total of these two device’s results for knowing your actual usage. The data of usage will be available for one week only; you won't be able to see your usage of past weeks.



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These features are exclusively available for Facebook and Instagram apps. Facebook’s messenger and Instagram’s IGTV app will include this time monitoring tools.


Facebook’s CEO Mark Zuckerberg wrote in one of his Facebook posts that their primary focus area for the year 2018 is the time people spend on Facebook should be well spent. Most users spend their time in these apps even if they don't have interest in the content which is being presented to them. His statement describes that Facebook doesn't want its users to spend time online, they want users to spend quality time.


David Ginsberg, director of research at Facebook said that these tools and insights would let the users decide for themselves about what they want to be doing in the time spent on these apps.


Where to find the tool?


You can use this tool on Facebook in setting page. You have to select ‘Your Time on Facebook’ section in the setting. In Instagram, you can access it by opening setting and then by opening the ‘Your Activity’ tab.

If you use social media all day and you want to reduce your usage of these platforms, this tool is going to be a pioneer for you. You will be able to optimize your daily usage of Facebook and Instagram. You can get detailed info about how much time you spend in a week on these apps. The main drawback is you won't be able to see your usage reports for a long time, every week the data usage info will be updated. So, you won't be able to monitor your behaviour changes for a long time. This tool will give you more control over the usage of these apps.

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