Deserts Are Fun: Top 10 Terrific Safaris of The World


Desert safari is a true adventure sport. An adventurer should never miss this opportunity and utilize this to the utmost. Safari driven by professional riders ensure that you enjoy the trip and give you a thrilling experience. The various facilities offered in the types are different, and each of them is a worth-it experience.


Safari is of various types:

  • Morning desert safari
  • Evening desert safari
  • Overnight desert safari


Deserts are not a daily scenery and to enjoy this unique adventure with sunset photography, BBQ dinner, belly dance and camel safari being the usual highlights.


The following is a list of the top 10 terrific safaris that the world has to offer to you:


  1. The Arabian Desert, UAE.


Location: The United Arab Emirates or UAE, is a group of seven islands and are the most famous destinations for desert safari. With deserts of various sizes and attractive tourists packages, desert safari in the Arabs is a must-do thing if you are visiting the UAE. 


How to reach?


These are generally available as part of packages and often come with a pick-up-and-drop facility from the place where you have booked your hotel. The facilities of transportation are part of the packages that you book.


About the desert: Arabian deserts are a vast stretch of desert that range over a large area. The best time to visit is during the October to April months when the temperature is not terribly hot.


  1. Jaisalmer, Rajasthan, India


Location: Rajasthan is the largest state in India by area. North-western side of India, and ranks fourth amongst the states in tourism. Mostly famous for its decorated havelis, forts, and carved temples.  


How to reach?


Jaisalmer is well connected by rail, road, and air. A train is the most suggested method of transport. For local transport, cabs and rickshaws are available.


About the desert: Nicknamed "the golden city", the best time to visit Jaisalmer is from October to March. Lies west to the capital city Jaipur. It is a world heritage site.


  1. Cairo, Egypt


Location: Egypt has the oldest history in the world. Famous for their mummification and pyramids, it has also got a diverse economy in the Middle East. Officially an Arabic speaking nation and is a predominantly Muslim occupied country.


How to reach?


Flights to Egypt are available from across the globe. The nation is connected internally by rail. Egypt air provides flight services to tourist locations. Intercity roads are in excellent condition, and rent-a-car facilities are available in major cities.  


About the desert: Day tour packages are available and show around all significant places. The Sahara desert is the central desert in the area. A quad bike ride around the Giza is a whisk around the dunes of the black desert and white desert.


  1. Muscat, Oman


Location: The Sultanate of Oman is an Arab country with an absolute monarch. Muscat, its capital, is declared as second in the best places to visit in the world by Lonely Planet. It is one of the fastest growing tourist spots in the Middle East.


How to reach?


Flights to Muscat are available from all over the world. Muscat has good connectivity of roads that run internally. Rail networks are also available in local transportation. Taxi fares are negotiable depending on the journey you undertake.


About the desert: The Wahiba Sands is the local desert dune bashing destination. Best time to travel for the same is October to march when the heat is comparatively less, and the sun is not burning hot.



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  1. Nevada, USA


Location: An arid area that lies between California and Utah. The world-famous gambling center, Las Vegas is in this area. This area offers frontiers that are tourist friendly. The black rock desert offers most of the safari.


How to reach?


Reno Tahoe is the nearest airport that caters their services to the city. A car is the most preferred vehicle within the city, with a good connection of roads. State Route 447 is the road to be taken to reach the black rocks.


About the desert: Black Rocks are amongst the most preferred locations for dune bashing in the USA. Plan your trip from August to October and March to May. With beautiful scenery, dune bashing cannot get any more fun.


  1. Kalahari deserts, Africa


Location: Africa is the second largest continent. With vast diversities, cultures, and traditions, it is the also the second most populous continent. Africa is rich in minerals, and hence a lot of mining activity takes place here.  


How to reach?


It is located at Botswana, Namibia, and Zimbabwe. Road transport is well connected from all these three places; four-wheels can be availed from any place. The nearest airport is Johannesburg International Airport.


About the desert: Most loved desert range for safari. Inhabited by a few aboriginal tribes. Four-wheel drives can be hired for desert safari. Enjoy the variety of flora and fauna that the region has to offer alongside some cool safari.


  1. The Great Victoria Desert, Australia


Location: Commonwealth of Australia is the sixth largest country by area. The country with no official language or religion. Also known as "New Holland". The capital city is Canberra, and largest city is Sydney.


How to reach?


Great Central Road is the commonly used route to navigate this area along the Gunbarrel highway. Beset with enough fuel and water as the deserts range over a wide area and do not have easy access to any materials.


About the desert: Not really a desert, called so because of less rainfall. Made up of small sand-hills. The largest desert in Australia. Preserved and maintained by world wildlife fund. With typical desert plants, this area is sparse in population and hence is suitable for a safari on a four-wheel drive.


  1. Namib desert, South Africa


Location: Lies on the southwestern coast of Africa. Multiethnic city and the largest in the region lying to the south of Africa. English is the first spoken language. A prominent place to visit including the Namib-Naufluft National Park.


How to reach?


Windhoek airport is forty minutes away from the center of the city. Pick up a four-wheel drive from the Namibian capital. The only reach to the desert is by a four-wheel, and the ride to the middle can last for more than three hours.


About the desert: Oldest desert in the world. World's highest dunes. It is a unique collection of flora and fauna. Depressions left by vehicles last for more than forty years and this supposedly a significant threat to the desert.


  1. Erg Chebbi, Morocco


Location: The Kingdom of Morocco lies in northwest Africa. Arabic and Berber are the spoken languages. Islam is the national religion. Most pristine weather conditions to perfectly enjoy all four seasons. Ethnic cultures and civilizations. 


How to reach?


Several tour companies offer exciting cruise plans. Four-wheel drives are the most preferred mode of transport, hire yourself a taxi or drive yourself. There are scarce bus services to the place, and these areas are not connected by rails. Nearest fly is Marrakech.


About the desert: Part of Sahara desert. Gigantic sand dunes made by the winds blown. Camel riding and dune bashing are major highlights. The loose sand helps in giving the thrilling experience for safaris.


  1. White Sands, USA


Location: The United States of America is a union of fifty states. Third or fourth largest country by area. The capital city is Washington DC, and the largest city is New York City. Highly developed country. Home to many cultures and traditions.


How to reach?


A car is most preferred for traveling. Located at U.S. highway 70/82 that connects to New Mexico. There are no public transports to this area. Commercial airlines, rented cars, and Greyhound buses are a few ways to reach this place.  


About the desert: Unique for its white colored sand, it is not as hot as the usual brown or golden colored sand. On a full moon, it is said to become milky white and is a worthy experience. Along with this comes the white sand national monument.   




Most of the destinations are conducted by tour operators and the various packages that are available for different price ranges. Included along with city tours and other attractive plans, they are a true quench for your adventure lust. They may not be readily accessible, but this adds to the adventurous spirits.


The experience is definitely once in a lifetime one and for sure will be the best one of your life. You will be left wanting more and more. Deserts are not a very common sight, and this will be your chance to explore the beauty behind the hottest part of the earth. Come and enjoy the spirits of dune bashing and safaris.


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