Content Marketing Vs. Video Marketing


Over the last decade, content marketing has emerged as a vital part of a business. If a company wants to build its brand and online presence, blog posting can be quite useful.


Content marketing changes with the customers because it serves their needs and interest about the brand by letting them know about it interestingly. For example, a person with dark complexion finds a content or video which is trying to break through the stereotypical mindset of the society by talking good about the dark appearance, then he/she will relate with it. She might even share it with others who can connect to it. Content marketing along with SEO content marketing helps in building the trust of your brand without over-selling.  


The recent trends in marketing have evolved with social media posts, blogs or newspaper articles. In the content marketing trend of 2018, we expect pictures and videos will take over the content world, but it will still be there as the primary source of communication.


In the past few years, we have seen several changes from social media giants like Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, and Snapchat. With the arrival of even more suit, these platforms will continue proving to be the best content marketing and video marketing platforms with no sign of stopping.


Content marketing had its milestone moment a decade ago though making an enduring shift in the way of how marketing works. SEO and hard-selling paved its path to relationship building and giving customers real value of the brand.


If we compare content with video then we must admit that video marketing has gone up for more than 300 times in the past year, as per Facebook.


Videos are pleasing to the eyes as well as our brain. This makes the consumption of the videos much faster and easier. Though video marketing was prevalent since the last generation (with TVs becoming more accessible) yet in the recent years, the brands have made a smooth market penetration due to the increased platform availability like YouTube and Facebook. While YouTube is in the market for quite a long time now, Facebook put its time and resources into videos since 2016 which is the main reason why video marketing is enjoying its presence.  


Video marketing trends for 2018 follows as the overloading information of every brand breathes a fresh air every time the brand releases a video. A dearth of bloggers of each industry proves that blogging is enjoying its days since 2007. Video marketing benefits in processing the information in a more accessible audio-visual way and convincing us that it’s effortless to create an impact through video than through a blog.


Through the span of years, we have witnessed that the consumers have moved along the content marketing vertical from newspaper to blogging and then to microblogging. Videos through video marketing have kept them hooked till today.



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Writers nowadays also have started making videos to earn attention. Just see how the businesses have understood the importance of video marketing through different social media channels with the help of Vloggers, it is for sure that it is the next wave of tactics in marketing. Videos also have the potentiality of high virality. The social media users are more likely to share a video than any content.


The videos if personalized according to the needs of the customers then it will create an amicable with your customers, and that is the only thing every brand craves for.


Let’s discuss the importance of Video Marketing in your business.


  • Video boosts your conversions- To be honest, video can seriously make money to your business, if a video is added to the product page of then, it can raise sales up to 80%.



  • Videos generate high ROI- Even if you don’t have a better design or layout to your videos, it should at least talk about the product and clearly define it.


  • Video helps in better SEO- Video allows users to spend more time on your site which in turn helps in building trust amongst your audience. It results in better search engines results.


  • Video helps you to acquire the trust of the laziest buyers- In today’s busy world where everyone has less time for everything, video marketing works better than any content marketing as it digs deep into describing the product better.




There are several other benefits one can get by using Video Marketing. The best way to get the utmost results for your marketing is by using both Content marketing as well as Video marketing.


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