Bitcoin To Reach 25,000 $ This Year!


We all know how Bitcoin has been a part of the market, and how it is revolutionizing it with cryptocurrency. Investors are keen to know, how Bitcoin is going to help them make more money?

Bitcoin is bad! According to the cofounder of  Fundstrat Global Advisors, Tom Lee, Bitcoin is predicted to make 25,000 $ by 5th July 2018. He predicted this after the consensus conference when his increase in bitcoin price was proved wrong.


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Thomas Lee is actually a quite important figure in the Bitcoin world. He has always predicted the process and trends. In the last prediction, he explained that Bitcoin was going to increase in the coming weeks. He was accurate on this, and it happened exactly as he predicted. But not the predictions are true, such as the time when he predicted that the bitcoin price will increase after the Consensus conference in New York. Unfortunately, it didn’t go as he predicted.  



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In a recent tweet, Lee explained about his forecast for only two points, community interest, and centralized place. This was just to involve experts from the crypto, blockchain, and financial industries.

He explained :


Two more factors are required; First is a regulatory framework around crypto. And the second, i.e., broad buy-in cultural by institutions themselves. Still the uncertainty is unchanged still the second one still have a chance for progress.”


He also mentions that the number of participants in the Consensus conference will increase by 3 times, compared with the last two years. The last rallied registered gains between 10% to 70%. And this increase in 2018 due to two factors – a) 3X Bigger Audience and b) Cryptos and Bitcoin are down YTD

Bitcoin market is down since the beginning of 2018, but it could soon see an unexpected recovery by the end of this year. If Lee’s prediction is accurate, Bitcoin can come back to its previous levels.

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