Bezos Net Worth Crosses $150 Billion After The Prime Sale Day


This is high time for both Amazon and Bezos. While Amazon has been shaking up the consumers with its amazing prime day offers, Bezos has shaken up Wall Street. Yes, this is because the stock price of Amazon has reached an all-time high on Monday.


Rising Amazon Share Price


As you can see, on Monday (16th July) the share price of Amazon has reached a new peak. This is primarily because of the stellar results posted by the company in this quarter. This has created a bullish run of Amazon’s stocks in the market. This shopping season, Amazon is making both Bezos and the investors happy along with the customers. The increase in Amazon stock price has taken Jeff Bezos net worth to far beyond belief levels. He has become the first billionaire to reach a value of $150 billion. This news has been reported by Forbes who release the list of top billionaires periodically.


To put it in perspective, how significant an achievement this is,


Jeff Bezos is now worth more than the net worth of Google’s Larry Page and Microsoft’s Bill Gates combined


This is an incredible feat to achieve. Bezos has received accolades from all over the world for creating such an enduring company. Amazon, built by Jeff Bezos has overtaken a lot of companies in market capitalization. The third richest person in the world is Warren Buffet from Berkshire Hathaway. But he trails behind Bezos by a whopping $70 billion. This shows how big Jeff Bezos has become over the years.


Jeff Bezos also owns companies such as blue origins that is into exploratory space travel and Washington post a renowned newspaper company. But most of the wealth of Jeff Bezos is tied up to Amazon. He has more than 16% of stake in Amazon making him the largest shareholder of the company. Jeff Bezos rise has been meteoric. He has thrashed the competition with his relentless execution and strategic vision. Amazon is well on its way to becoming the world’s largest company. The company sells millions of products through its platform. It has become the go-to place for many online buyers. The company has transformed the online shopping experience with high-quality customer service.


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Amazon has also diversified into tablets, smart speakers, and cloud computing services. This has put the company’s value very close to that of Apple. The company has been expanding its footprint in various niche areas and succeeded in creating customers for its services. It is very close to becoming the world’s most valuable company surpassing Apple in the near future.




With the rise in stock price, Amazon’s CEO and founder Jeff Bezos  have increased his net worth to 150 billion. He is now the wealthiest person in the world overtaking Bill Gates. Still, He is showing no signs of stopping. It is certainly possible that he will touch a new milestone in the future.


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