Apple Surpassed Historical 1 Trillion Dollars Evaluation


Have you seen the footage where Steve Jobs launched the first ever iPhone? We all have seen motivation quotes of Steve and have also read the success story of him. There are movies and documentaries based on Steve Jobs and Apple. Apple had a great past in the industry of computers.


The iPods, iMacs and the iPad were the products that everyone wanted. Steve Jobs introduced the iPhone in 2007. The iPhone was said to be the first ever smartphone. This was the time when people were looking towards for revolution in the mobile phone industry.


With excellent design, more features, incredible camera for that era, Wi-Fi and mobile network connectivity features, the iPhone became more popular than any other mobile phone. Full Touchscreen display was first ever introduced in the history of the smartphone. The most significant selling point of this phone was the music player.


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Apple Sold 1.3 Billion Units of iPhone!


Apple never disappointed its customer in terms of providing a quality product. All the iPhones manufactured by Apple are on the list of bestseller smartphones. The way Apple does marketing of their product is incredible. Apple always tries to do something innovative in their products. For example, Apple introduced top-notch design in iPhones, i.e., in iPhone X, but there were some mixed reactions about it. But still, iPhone X is currently the best selling smartphone of this year.


Apple also makes laptops, earphones, accessories and much more product. Apple is ruling the laptop and notebook market with its MacBooks. The Apple products are always expensive. But still, Apple products are always the best selling and people like them. iPhone is becoming a style icon for many users.


Apple has been continuously growing in the last decade. According to the recent news, Apple has reached the number of 1 trillion dollars. Apple became the first ever company in America to reach that big number.


Last Thursday, Apple’s stock surpassed $207.04 in New York. The rise in stocks was 2.9 percent. This growth in shares increased the market value of Apple to $1.002 trillion.


Apple’s all-time high rate of stock is $208.38. Apple’s revenue increased more than 20 percent this year. The tech giant gave tough competition to Amazon, Microsoft and Google.


The iPhone 8 and X are the major factors behind Apple’s revenue this year. The phones are the most popular most popular among Chinese and Japanese users. Apple’s App store is also making more revenue. All the factors helped Apple to reach surpass 1 trillion dollar goal.


Who Else Is In The Race?


Apple is not the only company to surpass this score. World’s biggest oil company PetroChina gained 1 trillion dollars evaluation in 2017. But suddenly there was a major drop because of the global oil crisis.


People on Wall Street think that Apple’s stock rate could go higher than this. Some of them are evaluating that Apple will add 50 billion dollars more in revenue till the year 2021.


Apple’s closest competitor is Amazon which is currently evaluated nearly 900 million dollars. Google and Microsoft are also not behind. They worth more than 800 billion dollars each.


If Apple continues to do incredible work, then they can hold this position. Otherwise, Competitors like Google and Microsoft also can surpass Apple. Apple needs to have significant future plans to stay in the competition.

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