Apple Refreshed MacBook Pro 2018 With Some Huge Performance & Storage Upgrades


The latest MacBook Pro was announced by Apple a few days ago. Apple describes them as the most advance mac notebooks. These new pro machines come with some most recent and more advanced features than the previous generation. Apple didn’t make any significant design changes; the exterior is unchanged. The changes in the new MacBooks are primarily under the hood.


Apple refreshed two new models of MacBook pros for 2018, along with a range of configuration options. These new models come in 13 inches and 15 inches screen configurations. Both these MacBooks have apple’s Truetone displays. Also, there are some functional changes to make voice recognition efficient.


Apple made some significant changes to increase the performance. Both the models come with Touch Bar controls and Touch ID. TrueTone displays adjust screen output to compensate for changing environmental lighting conditions.


13-Inch MacBook Variant


First, let’s talk about the 13-inch variant. This 13-inch variant has less power and graphics capabilities compared to the 15 inch one. This base model of the laptop comes with the 8th generation of Quad-core Intel Core i5 Coffee Lake processor. The base model comes with 8 Gigabytes of RAM and 256 Gigabytes of storage option. These processor has base clock rates of 2.7 gigahertz and can be turbo boosted to 4.5 gigahertz.


If you are looking for more power, this high-end model of 13 inch MacBook Pro comes with  Quad-core Intel Core i7 processor and 16 Gigabytes of RAM. You can upgrade the storage to 2 terabytes of SSD storage.


In the graphics section, the GPU has been upgraded to the latest Intel Iris Plus integrated graphics 655 which has 128MB of eDRAM from Intel Iris Plus 650. Apple’s T2 chip is also included. It has built-in Siri support. Touch Bar and Touch ID features are its larger counterpart. Battery life of this notebook is expected to be around the same from its previous models.


Apple increases the battery size by 18% as compared to its last year’s models. Its required since the Quad core CPU is more powerful, it is going to draw more power. In Geekbench 4, the notebook scores around 4,602 for single core and 16,699 for multicore. This is a huge upgrade compared to last year’s model.



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By using Blackmagic's Disk Speed Test, the 256 GB SSD has 256GB SSD which can write ata speed of 680.8MB/s and can read at a speed of 2245.9MB/s. Improvement in speakers comes in the form of bass and loudness.


The price of the low-end variant is $1,799 and the high-end variant of the 13 inch MacBook Pro will cost  about $3,699.


15-inch MacBook Variant


Enough talk about 13 inches variant, now let’s talk about the 15 inch MacBook Pro. This base model of this notebook has six-core Intel i7 processor. This processor has a clock speed of 2.9 gigahertz, and with the help of turbo boost, it can reach up to 4.8 gigahertz. The low-end variant has 16 GB of RAM and 256 GB solid state drive.


In the graphics section, the all models of the 15 inch MacBook Pro comes with a Powerful, impressive Radeon Pro discrete graphics which has 4GB of video memory. With this great graphics configuration. The machine can handle  VR and other process-intensive tasks.


Apart from these, the most interesting MacBook Pro is the highest end variant. This model comes with six-core Intel Core i9 Coffee Lake chip. Apple introduced this processor first time in MacBook series. The CPU has a clock speed of 2.9 gigahertz, and with the help of Turbo Boost, it can reach up to 4.8 gigahertz.


The RAM in this laptop can be increased up to 32 GB. The technology of the RAM is the latest DDR4.

There has been a significant upgrade in storage also. You can get up to 4 TB of PCIe SSD storage in both models.


This model can be paired with Radeon Pro 560X graphics. This upgrade is beneficial for professional video editors and artists. Apart from these great specs, Apple also included its T2 chip in this laptop. With the help of this chip, you can by simply saying “Hey Siri”. In the previous generation of MacBooks, you have to click a button to summon Siri.


Apart from that, this laptop has a TrueTone display technology. Touch Bar and Touch ID features are also included. Price of the low-end variant is $2,399, and the most advanced machine with all the upgrades included will cost you $6,699.


MacBook Pro 2017 has a loud and uncomfortable keyboard. Apple improved the new MacBook Pro 2018. This is a section where Apple made noticeable improvements. The new MacBook has much quieter than the previous models. The keys’ cap color is lighter than the last models.


Apple has never tried this configuration in any MacBooks before. This will make an enormous difference in performance for the professional users. The productivity rate of a heavy user will undoubtedly increase.

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