Apple Might Drop Intel For 5G Chips For 2020 Version of iPhones


All the major tech companies and smartphone manufacturers are looking forward to using 5G technology as soon as they can. All major smartphone manufacturers like Apple and Samsung has prepared their technologies to adopt 5G revolution. It will be a wise move for smartphone manufacturers to use 5G chips as soon as they can.


Apple had a good relationship with the market leading manufacturing company Qualcomm. But somehow the relationship ended with a protracted legal battle. Apple started using chips manufactured by Intel to reduce its dependencies on chips made by Qualcomm.


Apple informed intel about its plans to make next-generation modem chips. This chip was supposed to have all three connectivity protocols – Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, and 5G. This technology was supposed to be used in future version of Apple’s iPhones.


Recently, in a report, Apple was talking with Intel about the development of 5G modem chips. These chips were called ‘Sunnypeak’. There were meant to be used for the iPhone models in 2020.


This report suggested that Apple is not going to use modem chips manufactured by Intel for its upcoming iPhones.  As a result, Intel has stopped the development of Sunny Park 5G modem chips. Apple was meant to be the biggest customer of 5G modem chips for Intel. It is a wise move by Intel to stop the production of 5G modem chips because Apple was going to be the main volume driver for this chips.


When asked to a spokesperson of Intel, he said that the customer engagement plans and roadmap for Intel’s 5G have not changed for 2018 through 2020. They are still committed for their 5G plans and projects. There has been nothing officially confirmed by any of these two companies.


Another report stated that many factors drove Apple's decision of ditching Intel chips. Intel is reported focusing on to improve its products for gaining back the trust of Apple for the 2022 iPhone models, according to a report by Digital Trends.


Another report published by DigiTimes suggested that Apple is going to tie up with MediaTek for the development of 5G chips for its upcoming series of iPhones. There has been another rumor that Apple is planning to give up on Intel as a chips supplier for 2020 Mac models also.


There was another report stating opposite to these reports. According to a report by Ming-Chi Kuo,  Apple will be having high hopes on Intel for the development of modem chips for this year’s iPhone models because of the ongoing dispute with Qualcomm.


At this time, it is not clear where Apple wants to take the development of its chips. Apple might give a big project to MediaTek. This step can be a game changer for MediaTek and also for Apple. If Apple decides to go with MediaTek for 5G modem chips, Apple’s brand value will be also affected.


Rumors suggest that Apple also has backup plans. Apple is trying to get more control over the components of iPhone. Apple is looking forward to manufacturing modem chips on its own. Apple might have started projects for research to make modem chips in its own factories. Apple wants to be less dependent on other companies for Its products.


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The year 2020 is going to most important for 5G technology. Because in 2020, 5G services are expected to become widely available. Modern 5G modem chips will make a revolution in the tech industry. After a report suggesting that OnePlus is going to release its 5G smartphone in 2019, it is going to be a big challenge for Apple to introduce reliable 5G technology as soon as they can.


If Apple comes with reliable MediaTek modem and if the modem fulfills expectations of users for providing good 5G speed, this will be a game-changing moment in 5G chips industry. Millions of iPhone users will notice a difference whatever Apple does with its 5G smartphones.

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