AI Can Fix Pixelated & Bad Images In Blink Of An Eye!


What if there was a way you could fix the blurred, pixelated and bad images? Wouldn’t that be great? Well, it is not impossible. Now you can fix all those bad images in your photo library.


The advancement in Artificial Intelligence has made it possible. The system will need to look at the damaged photos and just by looking at those damaged photos; AI system would fix all your photos.


So if your photos are blurred, bad, pixelated, then AI system fix those.


You can now remove watermarks from your photos with this new AI system developed by Nvidia.


AI will fix your grainy photos just by having a look at your photos. In this article, we will talk about AI and how it can help fix grainy and damaged photos. Without further ado, let’s get started.



What is AI?


Artificial Intelligence (AI) is the simulation of Human Intelligence by machines. It is the process of creating machines that could think and react like humans.


This includes learning and reasoning by the machines. Image recognition, speech recognition, expert systems etc. are all examples of artificial intelligence.



AI aims to create intelligent machines that can solve problems on its own through proper reasoning and logic by using its knowledge base.

The advancement in AI is reaching new heights. Computer systems and machines can now do things that no one would have imagined a couple of years ago.


Siri, Tesla, Netflix, Flying Drones are some great examples of Artificial Intelligence today.



AI For Fixing Grainy Images


Do you have grainy photos in your photo album? Are there watermarks on your photos? Are the photos taken in low light? Fret not. AI is the solution to your problem.


Nvidia’s AI can now fix your photos just by looking at some other bad photos. A vivid neural network powers this AI system. This neural network will quickly fix the pixelated and bad images just by looking at those photos.


Well, you might be wondering that how is that supposed to be a big news when AI has been doing this for a while.


Trust me, this time it’s different. Earlier AI system required the combination of a noisy and noise-free image in order to establish a difference between the two. Only then it was able to fix your image.



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Not this time. The story is a bit different now.


Recent deep learning work focused on teaching the system by inputting noisy and noise-free images. Researchers from NVIDIA, Aalto University, and MIT teamed up for the advancement in AI.


Researchers stated in their papers that it will be possible to restore the signals without needing to observe the clean ones.


Nvidia Tesla P100 GPUs along with the deep learning framework of cuDNN-accelerated TensorFlow were used and the system was trained on 50,000 images in the ImageNet validation set. 


AI doesn’t require noise-free image now to remove watermarks, noise from the images. It will automatically enhance your images. Your Facebook and Instagram feed is going to look much better now. Thanks to the deep-learning work, AI now fixes the images just by looking at the grainy pictures.


The system is trained on thousands of images, and the exciting part is that the system was never showed what a clean, noise-free image looked like. But still, the system can remove watermarks, grain, artefacts, and noise from the photos. This AI system can restore the images better than a professional photographer. The news may be disappointing to you if you are a photographer.


So, it is time to search for all the images you once thought were useless. Nothing is useless in today’s world. AI will fix those photos for you, and you will be able to relive those moments.



AI for Photo Editing


AI is now used in photo editing and cataloging apps. The photographers are using AI-powered apps for more creative ideas, new effects, and filters for photographs.


AI helps the photographers with the tasks such as photography ideas, suggesting edits, and also helping in making selections.


It is always nice to have an intelligent assistant by your side to help you with your work.


AI is now becoming the virtual assistant to the photographers. Photographers can now turn their vision into reality when they have AI by their side.


Selecting a subject for photography is an extremely frustrating task for the photographs. But this is where AI comes to rescue by letting them choose the subject thus providing them more time for creativity.



AI has learned to choose the most prominent object in any given photo. Even though AI can never be a substitute for creativity but it can always make the whole task easy for the photographers.


Because of such AI-powered software, the relationship between photographers and AI is going to take a drastic shift in the future.


With such advancement in the technology, everyone can be a photographer. You do not need a thousand dollar camera to take splendid shots.


Grab a smartphone and these AI software will let you capture exquisite shots.





AI is now capable of doing things that no one ever imagined. Even the novice photographers are beginning to consider them professionals.


The advancement in AI is changing the way we used to think about the world. We do not need to worry about the low-resolution images. Low-light will no longer be a problem. Watermarks on the photos are history now.


Some photographers are not willing to embrace the change while there are others who are really excited about this.


The software is not available to everyone right now but it is just a matter of time before everyone starts using it.


Are you a fan of AI and the technology? What do you think about this advancement? Feel free to share your views in the comment section below.


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