4 Daily Actions for Work-Life Balance in life


Often people separate life with work. Up to some extent, it’s ok but not 100% true. To live, people need money, and that can be earned by doing work. There exist direct relationship and dependency between work and life. If you work hard, you will be successful and make money. With money, people can lead happy and stress-free life.  


Work-Life balance is for people who work all day without spending time with family or themselves. Taking breaks from work for refreshing your mind, body and soul is essential. We are social beings, and yes it’s true that working earns you money. But breaking connections with family and friends make you feel lonely and stressful. People can’t enjoy life even after earning massive amount of money, because they don’t have work-life balance.  


Balancing work and life is essential. Busy life coupled with problems has altered the work-life balance badly. Too much of anything is bad for health and vitality. You will find tips and techniques to bring back the balance between work and life in this article.


The below are some of the steps to maintain work-life balance and to lead a happier life.


  1. Priorities

While doing work, have you ever paused your work and checked emails, FB, Twitter, and YouTube? This is the case with most of the people. There are lots of distractions around you and on average brain takes 29 minutes to regain concentration. That’s why once you get distracted by social media, hours of time is lost.  


Having priorities in work as well as life is the simplest solution. The tasks for which the deadline is close by will become your top priority. Schedule the jobs as per preferences; then the work will be completed before allotted time and without stress.


Often people try too hard to complete the work in the morning hours of the day. Easier tasks can be scheduled after lunch. Evening hours can be dedicated towards family life and work (if you have any). Making priorities gives you a clear vision of what task you need to complete before the deadline.  


  1. Checklists

We all get the special feeling when we receive our salary, good marks, get reorganization, even for Facebook, Instagram likes and comments. This is because of “Dopamine.” It’s a neurotransmitter which is responsible for the happiness.


There are few other hormones, but Dopamine plays a significant role.


Create a checklist of tasks. Complete them in order. After one job is finished, tick it. Use either your smartphone or a book for creating checklists. You will observe that whenever you tick a task as complete, you will feel a sense of relief. 


Checklists help in two ways. One is that life will get in order. The other advantage is the release of Dopamine. So, people can complete their tasks and at the same time remain happy.


Checklists can be made based on priorities.  


  1. Discipline

Being Discipline towards life and goals helps in a lot of ways. As we discussed, there exist lots of distraction in this world. Control helps to avoid distractions and let us focus on our goals. Whenever you feel like getting distracted, think of the reason that motivates you to do work. That may be money, better position or anything else (depends on the individual).


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If it is just about preparing checklists and doing tasks by priorities, why is not everyone successful? The answer is simple. It takes time! People will need to have discipline and patience. Discipline combined with preference wise check listing tasks is one of the methods for work-life balance.


  1. Love your work

Everything in life is inter-dependent. Let’s consider two cases.

  1. A person who loves his job
  2. A person who doesn’t love his work

In the first case, he loves his work. It means no stress while working. Since he doesn’t have pressure, he will spend time happily with family and friends. But of course, stress will be present during working, but in this case, it will be positive. This is the reason he can handle his job and personal life without getting into troubles.


In the second case, he doesn’t love his work, which means he is either forced to do the job or may have other reasons for disliking it. What happens now is he is stressed while doing the job. The next phase goes towards losing interest towards life, loneliness and so on. He can’t live freely with family and friends. These thoughts continuously run within his mind. A few days later, one more feeling adds up as "I can’t balance my work-life" and gets more depressed.  


Therefore, it's important to love your work, or make your liking, passion, interest your work.




Our future is dependent on our present actions. Love your job, have patience, respect relationships and you will have happier and successful life while balancing work-life perfectly. Develop the above mentioned four actions as a routine in daily life. This will help to achieve stress-free, healthy and goal-oriented life.

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