12 Digital Marketing Updates The World Witnessed In June 2018


June 2018 was a happening month in the digital marketing world. The world witnessed some significant updates in this month. From Google to Instagram, every social media platforms introduced significant changes that you, as a digital marketer, cannot ignore.


In this article, we will talk about the events that took place in the digital marketing world last month. To stay ahead of your competitors and to ensure the success of your business, you must read about the fantastic updates and changes that happened in June.


Here is the list of events that changed the digital marketing world in June 2018.



  1. Snapchat Offers Location Services


Snap Map is the new cool. Users can send a real-time location to their friends and also request for their location as well. The location will be shown on Snap Map. This will be displayed in your message thread. The app has made quite an improvement because its creepy always-on coordinate-broadcasting Snap Map was a bit invasive to some users.


The app has taken a big leap towards the privacy of its users.  It doesn’t exploit their clones of stories like Facebook, Instagram. When you long-press on a friend’s name, you’ll be prompted with an option to send or receive locations.



  1. Facebook and Twitter Make Their Ad Platforms More Transparent


There was a lot of pressure being put on social media platforms to be more responsible about running ads on their platform. Facebook and Twitter have taken steps to be more transparent about the ads that are served on their platforms.


Users can now view any ads that are running on any page. You can also see the changes made to the page such as the date of creation of the page and changes in the page name.


You can find information about ads on Facebook by clicking on “Info and Ads” in the left sidebar.

Similarly, to get this information on Twitter, visit https://ads.twitter.com/transparency.



  1. Google Search Console Analytics API Supports 16 Months of Data


The Search Console Analytics API now gets 16 months of data. Earlier, neither the User Interface nor the API got to see the data which is this old.

But this has changed. With the new Search Console, you have access to 16 months of data provided in the User Interface.



  1. Google’s New URL Inspection Tool is Awesome


Google releases new URL inspection tool as a part of Google Search Console. This tool provides detailed information to the webmasters such as crawling and indexing details.


You can also learn why Google has not indexed a specific page. The new tool will provide you with all the necessary information.


Also, Google Search Console has 16 months of data. So you can get a better insight into your traffic.



  1. Instagram is now worth 100 Billion Dollars


Facebook purchased Instagram in 2012 for $1 Billion. The company has grown ever since. Instagram is now valued at $100 billion. The company is now valued at 100 times the amount Facebook paid to buy it.


The number of active users on Instagram is increasing every single day. With the release of IGTV, the company has a secure future as a video platform as well.



  1. Instagram Stories now has Facebook Share Button


Instagram introduced a “Facebook Share” option in their stories. Have you noticed this button at the bottom of the screen yet?

You can easily share Instagram stories to Facebook just by the click of a button. The feature is super easy and you can have similar stories on both the platforms and you do not even need to post them individually.



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  1. Messenger Adds Polling Feature to Stories


Just like Facebook and Instagram, Messenger introduced the polling feature to Messenger stories. You upload a photo or a video on the platform, select a poll sticker, and then add a question with two possible answers.

The people who are connected to you on Messenger can see your story and vote. You can see the results by swiping up and also check the number of votes each option received.



  1. Google Ads are more Transparent


Google introduced new ad settings that help the user to understand how ads are tailored to them. Whenever you see an ad on any of the Google services, you’ll see “Why this Ad?” link next to ads when you click on close button.

You will get all the information about the ad displayed to you. You can get this information on all the Google services and websites that use Google AdSense.



  1. Snapchat Lens Responds to Sound


Snapchat releases a new lens. It is different from other lenses because it doesn’t only respond to what it sees but also to what it hears. Snapchat said this is just the beginning and the company will release more lenses like these that will react to sound.

This feature is available to both iOS and Android users.



  1. Instagram Reveals Ranking Criteria for Posts


Instagram revealed many factors that are taken into account before a post appears in the personal feed. The algorithm has three major aspects.

What you see in your Instagram feed is determined by your interests, recency, and relationship. Instagram also addressed the myths that we used to consider as important ranking factors.



  1. Instagram Introduces Re-sharing of Stories


Instagram added a new feature which was much awaited by the users. If a user mentions you in their story, you will be able to share that photo or video in your story for a 24 hours period.

This feature is only available for users with a Public account.



  1. Clear Chat Feature Available for Snapchat Users


Snapchat introduces clear chat feature to its users. You can now delete messages from personal chats and groups regardless of whether the message has been viewed or not.

This feature is rolling out to you very soon.





These were some significant events in digital marketing that happened in June 2018. Digital marketers are keeping a close eye on these updates to ensure the success of their business. Now, we’ll see what other months will have in store for us.


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