10 Fantastic International Trips From India Under 50k


Traveling is in everyone’s wish list at a point of their life. And traveling abroad is a dream of every single soul with an ever increasing urge to see the beautiful planet. But some keep it as a dream since they think traveling is super expensive and they are broke. If you've this creepy thought in your mind, then you need to keep on reading this.


Traveling can be availed cheaply and still can be fun. YES! There are several cheap ways to travel and furthermore a lot of affordable and cheap international trips from India (under 50K).


If you are looking for low budget trips from India, then here's a list of 10 best budget-friendly international holiday trips from India.



1. Nepal

One of the fantastic way to get a feeling of ‘being abroad' is to escape to the neighboring countries that India shares border with. Nepal is a beautiful country for a holiday getaway and soaks in its rich culture.


How to reach?

Cheap international airlines are offering budget-friendly tickets from Indra Gandhi International Airport of New Delhi. Round-trip airline tickets may cost approximately 9000-10,000 INR.


Things to do:

Nepal lies amidst the beautiful Himalayas and offers a great experience to its tourists, especially to adventure lovers. There are a lot of amazing places in Nepal to visit like Devi Fall, Dakshinkali, Bhaktapur, Pashupatinath, Shechen Monastery, Parsa Wildlife Reserve. Adventure lovers must go trekking which is quite affordable.


Meals and stay can cost up to 1500 INR per day with local transportation available at affordable prices.



Keep all your worries aside and book your flights to enjoy a beautiful international trip to Nepal for a week in a budget of 35,000 INR or less (approximately).




2. Bhutan

It is a lovely country filled with natural beauty. You don’t need to have a passport to have a fun trip to the 'Land of Thunder Dragons.' Enjoy the dense green forests, rich culture, friendly people and delicious cuisine.


How to Reach?

Trains and flights are available cheaply from New Delhi and Kolkata to Kathmandu. You can also choose to fly cheaply from New Delhi to Bagdogra International Airport (nearest to the Bhutan border) and then get a bus to any of the major cities in Bhutan.


Things to do:

Visit the famous tourist attractions such as Haa Valley, Trongsa, Dochula Pass, Rinpung Dzong, Thimpu and enjoy trekking, local sightseeing, as well as visiting beautiful gardens and zoos.


Hotels come at an affordable price for tight-budget travelers, and local foods are a must-try for every visitor as Bhutan offers lip-smacking dishes at great prices. Lodging and fooding may cost 1000 INR- 2000 INR (approximately) per day.



Escape to Bhutan for a week to freshen up your mind and soul at approximately 40,000 INR or less.





3. SriLanka

A neighboring country of India, Sri Lanka gives excellent tropical vibes with its amazing landscapes and beautiful tourist attractions. Famous for its exquisite beaches and delicious delicacies, Sri Lanka is undoubtedly a cheap international holiday destination for budget travelers.


How to reach?

Air tickets are available in a cheap rate if booked 4-5 months before the arrival. The Bandaranaike International Airport in Colombo is well connected from New Delhi and Chennai.


Things to do:

Must visit places for the tourists are Colombo, Nuwara Eliya, Temple of Tooth Relic, Bentota. Kandy is a popular instagrammable place that attracts thousands of visitors in Sri Lanka. Pay a visit to the temples from the Sanskrit Epic of Ramayana and get yourself soaked in the rich culture of the beautiful island-country.


The trip to Sri Lanka is incomplete without trying out the Sri Lankan fish curry. Foods and hotels come in all the price range. The cost of hotels depends on your preferences.



A 5-days stay is enough for this picturesque island without burning holes in the pocket. Easy to avail in a package of less than 35,000 INR (approximately).



4. Vietnam

Rich in natural beauty, culture, and heritage, Vietnam is a perfect choice for a foreign holiday. Enjoy the scenic attractions of this country under 50K.


How to reach?

Cheap international flights are available from New Delhi if booked 5-6 months in advance. The local transportation is quite fun and affordable.


Things to do:

Famous tourist places are Ho Chi Minh, Hanoi, Ha Long Bay, Sapa, Mekong Delta. Best and cheap way to enjoy in Vietnam is to take a boat ride and trying out lip-smacking Vietnamese food. Must-try dishes for every tourist are- grilled minced fish called Cha cha and fried spring roll called Cha Gio. You can also take a tour to wildlife reserves or do local shopping.


Hostels are quite affordable at approximately 500 INR. Hotels can also be availed at less than 1000 INR in addition to delicious meals.



Plan a week's trip to this land of paradise by spending less than 50,000(approximately).





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5. Myanmar

Also known as Burma, Myanmar is famous for its picturesque sculptures, magnificent temples, and vibrant culture. A beautiful country with natural beauty is an excellent option for a cheap holiday getaway outside India.


How to reach?

Book a few months before the arrival to get budget-friendly air tickets to Myanmar from New Delhi. Some major airports are Mandalay International Airport and Yangon International Airport.


Things to do:

Explore Myanmar's beautiful landscape and visit the Yangon’s Pagoda and pristine temples in Bagan. Book boat rides at affordable rates and lose yourself in the magnificent beauty of the country. Must-try is the tasty Mohinga soup.


Try out the local cuisine since eating out in this country is quite cheap (approximately) per day and hotels and hotels offer excellent services at an affordable price.



Treat your mind and soul with the beauty of Myanmar in just less than 40,000 INR (approximately) for 6 great days.





6. Thailand

Thailand is the right choice for budget travelers to enjoy the perfect picturesque places, mountains, magnificent palaces, ancient monuments, and beaches. It is also an excellent place for newly-wed couples with cheap honeymoon packages.


How to reach?

Flight tickets can be availed at fair prices, and a round-trip ticket can cost approximately 9000-10,000 INR from Kolkata (the cheapest). Flights from Mumbai or New Delhi may range between 15,000-20,000 INR.


Things to do:

Bangkok, Pattaya, Phuket, Chaiang Mai and Phi Phi Islands are some definitely awesome places to visit in Thailand. Pay a visit to the ancient Buddhist Temples and treat yourself by shopping in the famous floating market. Enjoy the elephant tours and water sports in this beautiful land.


Thailand provides all types of tourists with hotels that also come at an affordable price. Treat your taste buds by having tasty and affordable Thai foods. Try out the popular Papaya Salad- som tam.



Stop worrying about money and book a 5 days trip to this lovely island at approximately 35,000 INR.





7. Cambodia

Cambodia is a charming place to spend a holiday away from India with affordable transportation, accommodation, and delicious cuisine.


How to reach?

Book cheap flight tickets a couple of months before your arrival. Local transportation can be availed in less than 100 INR. Get touristy by riding cycles which are eco-friendly as well as budget-friendly.


Things to do:

Angkor Watt, Bayon Temple, Silver Pagoda, Sihanoukville, Koh Ker are some of the stunning places in Cambodia that will definitely leave you spellbound. Indulge in great recreational activities, visit the magnificent temples and try out the tasty local street food.


Hotels and guesthouses provide exceptional services and meals at cheap prices (approximately 1000 INR per day).



Treat your senses with a 5 day trip to Cambodia in less than 40,000 INR.





8. Philippines


Philippines is a wonderful island-country with stunning beaches and beautiful landscape abundant with flora and fauna. Famous for its exotic beaches, Philippines is a magnificent getaway for wanderlusts. This tropical paradise gives visitors a memorable international experience away from India under 50K.


How to reach?

You can get air tickets to this splendid archipelago easily at budget-friendly prices. Local transportation is incredibly cheap.


Things to do:

Some famous tourist attractions in the Philippines are Manila, Bohol, Cebu, Boracay, El Nido. Visit the picturesque beaches with Crystal clear water or enjoy sightseeing the parks, churches, and museums. Try out the fantastic and unique Filipino food to activate your taste buds.


Although hotels are somewhat expensive, hostel and homestays are quite affordable (approximately 700-900 INR). Or you may try out Airbnb.



Explore the natural beauty of the colorful country of Philippines by booking a 4-day trip under 40,000 INR (approximately).





9. Kenya

Africa offers exorbitant wildlife and adventurous safaris, and Kenya is a must-try for every nature lovers who are on a tight budget. This beautiful country gives ample of opportunities to be in the lap of nature in affordable packages from India.


How to reach?

You can get cheap flight tickets if booked a few months in advance vat approximately 25,000-28,000 INR (round trip cost) from New Delhi. Local transportation like buses are pocket-friendly, and taxis must be avoided if you are on a tight budget.


Things to do:

Masai Mara National Reserve is an excellent wildlife reserve in Kenya for trying out safaris. Accept safari packages only from trusted and recommended companies to avoid any disturbance. Nairobi National Park, Malindi, Lamu Island and Lake Nakuru are some famous tourist attractions. Try out the local street food which is super tasty and affordable.


Hotels are available at budget-friendly prices. Booking a safari (even under 1,500 INR) can provide you with included accommodation and fooding.



Soak yourself in the luxurious natural beauty of Kenya at a budget of approximately 30,000 INR for 6 days.




10. Egypt

Egypt is a perfect holiday destination for all kinds of travelers without burning a hole in your pocket. Explore the mysterious and majestic pyramids and vast deserts under 50K.


How to reach?

Airfares start from approximately 25,000  and can be booked even more cheaply of booked 6 months in advance.


Things to do:

The famous Pyramid of Giza is the major tourist attraction along with the Great Sphinx of Giza. Other tourist places are the Red Sea, Sinai, Alexandria. Try out the incredible desert Safari and explore the Egyptian cities for a memorable experience.


Lodging and fooding, here, comes at unbelievably cheap prices. Hostels can be availed between 400-500 INR, and the restaurants are quite affordable serving amazing dishes.



Visit the beautiful country during the winter season at just 40,000 INR (approximately) for a week.



Final Words

So Why Wait? Book a ticket right now to any of these fantastic countries for a great international holiday getaway from India under 50,000 INR. Haven’t had enough money? Come on! Start saving from today for an incredible travel experience to these budget-friendly places around the world.




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